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2005 Film

  • Casanova's reply upon being accused of having sex with a novice (meaning a nun):
    Casanova: Well, she was hardly a novice.
  • When said novice was confronted by the inquisitors chasing Casanova:
    Dalfonso: Eternal damnation for one night with Casanova.
    Sister Beatrice: Seems fair.
  • Casanova's attempts to maintain a civilized, sophisticated conversation with Francesca, her mother, and his future father-in-law — while his young, sex-starved fiancée is under the table.
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  • Giovanni is making quite a name for himself in the local brothel, tying up (not like that) all of the prostitutes at once. In the lobby, a waiting john asks of the madam, "Um, when is my turn?"
  • Giovanni keeps slapping Casanova and throwing his glove down to challenge him to a duel. Lupo keeps picking it up and handing to Giovanni, allowing Giovanni to continue slapping Casanova. After the third time:
    Casanova: Are you two working together now?!
  • Inquisitor Pucci claiming "Witchcraft!" to Casanova's hot aired balloon flying, then his assistant Andolini tries to correct him by explaining it with accurate science only for his boss to give him a Death Glare.
    Andolini: (notices Pucci's Death Glare) ...Witchcraft.


Russell T. Davies Miniseries

  • There's a montage of some the funniest scenes from the series on YouTube.
  • In the opening scene where Giacomo is being chased and he plans his daring escape out the window onto his horse. Only to land right on his butt and give out a disappointed "Bollocks!" before said horse just runs off leaving him behind.
    • There is also this line at the bridge:
    Giacomo: You love your wife, I love your wife. Aren't we both on the same side?
  • The look on Giacomo's face when he finds out that Bellino really was a girl is just golden. Also this line:
    Giacomo: Well now, mine doesn't do that.
  • Giacomo and Henriette communicating in sign language during the Summer Ball scene.
  • That's my purse!
  • The confession scene. All of it.
  • When Giacomo is studying to be an astrologer. Astronomer.
    Rocco: It's all bollocks that stuff.
    Giacomo: Ah, but since you were born under the sign of a ram, with your tangent in the ascendant...I knew you were going to say that.
    Rocco: Very funny.
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: You can't just-
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: Don't you-
    Giacomo: And that.
    Rocco: It's not-
    Giacomo: And.
    Rocco: (beat) If you-
    Giacomo: And.
    • Pretty much every single Aside Glance he makes during that montage to the point where he becomes genuinely shocked by how much his schemes work. Every single time.
  • When Giacomo and Henriette first meet:
    Henriette: Quite the gentleman.
    Giacomo: Quite the lady.
    Henriette: Quite bored of this. Goodbye.
  • The outtakes
  • "Are you following me? People will talk."
  • Casanova and Little Casanova (Giac).
    Giacomo: Actually, most would prefer "Big Casanova".
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  • Not to mention the little tongue flick he does right after that line. Remind you of anybody?
  • The Paris Ballroom scene:
    Woman 1: Oh you're so handsome.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am.
    Giacomo: Yes, I am. And no, I won't.
    • Also, when he and Rocco are thrown out, they both exit in different directions. Only for Giacomo to realize a second later he's going the wrong way and follow Rocco. Again, sound familiar to you?
  • Casanova rejoicing in his newfound wealth after the priest he nursed back to health adopts him by jumping up and down on his bed with Rocco, shrieking "I'm rich!" repeatedly.