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A few comedic moments have come up in the show's run:

  • When Jon is assembling a trail bike task force in "Ride the Whirlwind":
    Jon: I'd like to nominate my partner, Frank Poncherello.
    Ponch: Hey, that's great. Because when we first met, I was on a dirtbike.
    Jon: Uh no, Ponch. When we first met, you had just fallen off a dirtbike.
  • After a computer hacker messes with their payroll, Getraer tries to keep the peace as everyone complains about their reduced pay. As he tries to calm them down, one officer asks how much his paycheck was. He reluctantly replies "It's more than I usually get." then adds under his breath "It's closer to what I deserve."
  • "Quarantine" has a lot for an episode about a viral outbreak:
    • Mr. Conner never says a word in the scene where he first arrives at the station, despite Baricza saying that he was talking up a storm in the car. Conner finally writes them a note which says "Why won't anyone listen to me?"
    • After the boy passes out and drops his pipe bomb, Grossman tries to negotiate with the bomb squad to handle it, but they refuse because of the titular quarantine. Harlan, who for some reason is unaware of the situation, casually walks into the station, picks up the bomb, and opens it. It turns out it was just a carrying case disguised as a pipe bomb.
    Getraer: Harlan, how did you know that wasn't a bomb?
    Harlan yelps and drops it.
    • Just after that, Harlan asks about the outbreak and Grossman rattles off a list of unpleasant symptoms. However, they're not the symptoms of the disease, they're the reactions to the food from the hospital.
  • "In the Best of Families" ends with Getraer revealing that the reason he was so insistent on the officers maintaining a clean station is because the inspecting Lieutenant was his instructor at the academy. While he's telling them this, another officer rides up to him with a note. It turns out the Lieutenant has been delayed by a snowstorm and won't be able to perform the inspection. Cue the entire squad rushing over to apparently beat Getraer up.

The Movie

  • The utter shitshow that is the CHP chasing the perps through a fairground - a guy throwing balls at a dunk tank nails one of the perps, and Jon firing at the perps nails the dunk tank.
  • Perez figures out that one of the moles is "a super pretty CHP officer", which she has no problem revealing to all the remaining women of CHP, because they're... not. They sound a little resigned and a little cheesed-off at this.
  • Due to injuries suffered by all sides in the second act, Jon ends up battling The Dragon to Kurtz with their corresponding arm casts.

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