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  • In the opening moments of the second-season episode "Repo Man," a (probable) cardiac arrest fells the driver of a school bus occupied by middle school-aged children. As the bus careens out of control through the traffic of suburban streets - only steered by a boy passenger who cannot even reach the brake pedal - Officer Jon Baker executes a very well-timed leap from an overpass bridge. He lands squarely on the bus roof, climbs in through a window, and stops the bus. (Afterwards Baker briefly becomes a minor local media sensation - as the incident was caught by a TV news helicopter - but he nicely remains true to his character, remaining humble and soft-spoken about the whole thing.)
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  • Pretty much the entire episode "MAIT Team." After a truly horrific pileup on the freeway that takes eleven lives and critically injures Sindy, Ponch and Baker are tapped for the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team to figure out just what happened. What follows is an entire episode of Awesomeness by Analysis as the team recreates the circumstances while they're under pressure from various people who want to use the crash to further their own causes, including a politician who's utterly convinced Sindy caused the pileup while chasing a suspect. She didn't. It was just random circumstances. Eventually, using no less than four cars and a semi-trailer, Ponch, John, and the others recreate virtually the exact circumstances that caused the crash and prove without a doubt that Sindy didn't do it.
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  • Most of the climactic arrests fall under this.
  • A trio of idiotic or insane punk rockers try to start a riot at a battle of the bands, locking all the doors so the cops can't get in and the audience can't get out. Baker smashes a window in and calms the crowd, prompting the punks to run. One of them leaves his friends to get caught and tries to get away on a bike. He winds up knocked off with the bike's gas tank leaking, and threatens to blow up himself and Ponch with a lighter. Ponch's response? Slowly lean down and blow out the lighter's flame.

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