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  • Acceptable Targets: In The Movie, Castillo’s FBI partners accidentally run over a pair of pedestrians with an RV. One agent assures the other “It’s okay, they’re just paparazzi!”
  • Bizarro Episode: The "Force Seven" episode. In an odd attempt at a spinoff the episode focused on a secret unit of Kung Fu Cops, dedicated to the preservation of human life, that took on a terrorist organization. It even had John Rhys-Davies as the Big Bad.
    • "Mitchell & Woods" also qualifies; while the premise was a bit less bizarre compared to "Force Seven" (two female motorcycle cops become detectives), the episode mixes subject matter more serious than the typical CHiPs fare ( murder leading to a male prostitution ring) with an even higher level of camp than usual. It's basically a bad Dramedy version of Cagney & Lacey.
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    • Season 6 episode "The Spaceman Made Me Do It" includes a young girl who robs a jewelry store after a person (or alien?) in a spacesuit telepathically tells her to do so. Despite evidence the "UFO" is just a helicopter, Ponch ends up believing it was really a UFO anyway. However, if it was really a guy in a spacesuit, how did she "hear" him tell her to steal the jewels?
  • Ear Worm: Come on, you know you gotta love that opening theme.
  • Follow the Leader: The 2017 remake clearly followed in the footsteps of 21 Jump Street.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The series was very popular in Mexico, thanks to the great voice acting work in the dub, and also Erik Estrada's performance.

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