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  • Basically every scene with Queen Divine Justice and the Hulk.
    • "Hulk bounce!"
    • "Hulk has no mama!"
    • Queen, to a bouncer at a club: "He's with me."
    • Hulk, after a lecture from Queen convinces him to attack Panther with a cop car instead of a civilians: "Hulk SMASH Black Man! Downtrodden byproduct of Lexus!"
    • This conversation:
      QDJ: Yo, money, I told the old dude I don't get all that tribal lingo and whatnot, but I guess you want me to lie to him?
      Hulk: Lie to Hulk!
      QDJ: Take advantage of him?
      Hulk: Take advantage of Hulk!
      QDJ: Disenfranchise him?!
      Hulk: Lie to Hulk!
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  • The crossover with Deadpool is predictably full of these, as it combines Deadpool with Achebe and a whole bunch of Wakandans.
  • Everything involving Future Panther, Abner Little and Princess Zanda.
    • Fools, you have negated the procedure! You must speak into the chicken!
    • Vainglorious dullards! Speak into the chicken! You must talk directly into the beak!!
  • Everett K. Ross is generally pretty funny, but it hits a special level when he's forced to briefly assume the mantle of Black Panther. Also any time he decides to "become a man".
  • In #14, Ross has to assume the role of acting regent of Wakanda because T'challa's busy overseas. Out of sheer boredom, he takes a look at some of the files underneath his new desk. And what should he find? None other then evacuation plans in case freaking Galactus, of all people, shows up out of the blue, and tries to eat the planet again. Talk about Crazy-Prepared. And it gets even better, when he wonders to himself just what this nation can do compared to other 'developed nations', right in front of one T'Challa's trusted men, who finishes Ross' thought for him.
    • This becomes something of a glorious Brick Joke after Panther forms the Ultimates. Their first mission? Solving the Galactus problem. They do.
  • In Black Panther (2016), the Midnight Angels attack a group of militants who have been kidnapping women and girls. One of the militants refuses to back down when he sees Ayo. We next see him flying out of a window of the militants' hideout, falling to his death.

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