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Funny / Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

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  • Barkley: I believe ghosts are like dogs and they just sort of do things arbitrarily.
  • The poem, especially if you go with Vinceborg's advice. And the kicker? Vinceborg's advice, which Balthios tells you would never work, and consists of things like "doesn't mind animal feces much" and other blunt statements, is exactly what you have to choose to get the best outcome.
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  • The circumstances of Hoopz's birth.
  • Receiving the "Shrekmono".
    "It is a kimono with a picture of Shrek on it."
  • So in a typical scene, they all face various temptations tailored to their characters (except Hoopz because he's special). Then we get to Barkley. What's his temptation? Getting his wife back? His friends? His favorite game? A better world for his kid? Nope. With no foreshadowing at all, his temptation is... gold. But not just any gold. Incan gold. ...And he fails to resist the temptation.
  • Michael Jordan's sprites are rather interesting, in that a few of them appear to be recolors of Michael Jackson who was made to look like Charles Barkley as he appeared in a graphic novel wherein he does detective work to clear his own name over a series of murders.
  • Later in the game, you get a flute whistle that allows you to go to the B-Ball Dimension. Once there, plenty of hilarious things happen, including:
    • Meeting Dick Vitale. He asks you to give him some neo-shekels. If you do, he's pretty happy. If you can't spare any, he starts cussing out a storm at you and then hates your guts. It's comes right out of nowhere and it's a small but funny moment.
    • The Arena as a whole. The only fight that isn't incredibly easy is the final one against Kevin Garnett, but the rest of them include enemies such as Hell Orcs and Spooky Scary Skeletons, which have little to no health and go down quicker than any other enemy in the game. And then there's the Hell Delmon...
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    • The dating sim minigame with Cyberdwarf and Ivory Latta. Even funnier if you choose the "Applebottom" answers.
      • The warning that comes before said minigame: "WARNING: May be erotic for child", due to the deliberately bad translation. Of course, there is nothing erotic about said minigame, the closest being an image of Cyberdwarf and Ivory kissing if you perform well enough.
    • The mere idea of there being a ranch where you grow and nurture your own b-ball. The best part is that they don't even do anything.

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