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Funny / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

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  • Everything Sunny says with her baby noises is subtitled.
    • On their current alleged guardian, Aunt Josephine:
      Sunny: Someone's been to Crazytown.
    • Once we get to see just how paranoid Josephine is:
      Sunny: She's the mayor of Crazytown!
    • When Sunny apparently bites Olaf:
      Sunny: Back off, parrot face!
      Olaf gasps
      Sunny: I'll bite higher!
      Olaf: Menge-nenge!
      Sunny: Don't mock me!
      Olaf: Mini kiki! Akana he hanaka hatananewa akana!
      Sunny: Whoa, you are nuts.
    • The real kicker was the one time she actually spoke, when Josephine clarified that her late husband didn't die in a fire, but was rather eaten by leeches. Klaus and Violet can only look at each other in befuddled silence, while Sunny sums it all up with a skeptical, "... Okay."
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  • Violet and Klaus' rather goofy expressions before opening the door to find Olaf as Stephano.
  • The part where Count Olaf stops his car on the grade crossing in front of the convenience store, while rather scary, has this funny bit (for some context, a Running Gag of Count Olaf's is to "mistake" Sunny for a monkey):
    Count Olaf: [points to. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny respectively] Soda. Soda. Banana.
    Sunny: [subtitled] Bite me.
    Count Olaf: [grits teeth] Got it. [gets out and locks the doors, then goes into the store]
    • Afterwards, there's the fact that when the orphans manage to throw the switch to divert the train to the other track, Olaf starts laughing madly, but as the train roars by leaving the car unharmed, his laugh suddenly changes into one that sounds like "Huh?", which is pretty freaky sounding!
  • Count Olaf shaking himself like a dog.
    • "Let's go back to prehistoric times, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth!" and then his over the top impression of a T-Rex, especially when he pretends to nibble on the bald guy's head.
    • He has a little piece he likes to call the Electric Chair: [beat]
      Count Olaf: [Southern accent] I think ya' might have to turn it up! Is anybody OUT THERE?!?!?!?!
  • "I am, uh, Stefano. I am an Italian man."
    (Cut to Gustaf, tied to the front of a train and screaming.)
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  • When the children first learn they're being sent to live with Count Olaf, Mr. Poe explains that their parents' will stated that they were to be put in the care of their closest living relative. Olaf was chosen because he lived the closest distance away from their house.
    Klaus Baudelaire: I don't think that's what "closest" is supposed to mean.
    Violet Baudelaire: We don't know a Count Olaf.
    Mr. Poe: Yes, yes, of course you do. He's either your third cousin four times removed or your fourth cousin three times removed.
    Sunny: [subtitled] Someone's brain's been removed!
  • "Now would be an excellent time to get up and walk out of the theater, living room, or airplane where this film is being shown." Would you have walked out of the plane to avoid watching the movie?
  • The sequence at the beginning with The Littlest Elf. Doubles as an awesome Mythology Gag for those who have read the books.
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  • In a deleted scene:
    Olaf: My kingdom for a- [sees one of his henchmen walk out in a horse costume instead of Klaus] HOLY CRAP!
  • The director/real Lemony Snicket commentary. Snicket/Handler insists he was tricked into coming, becomes distraught upon seeing that the film is not about "The Littlest Elf" and begins to play the accordion to block out the sounds of a leech attack.
  • Olaf having to look at his hands where the children are drawn and their names are labeled.
  • Olaf dramatically warns the ophans to never enter the mysterious tower. And than turns around, and snickers to himself.

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