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Heartwarming / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

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  • A big Heartwarming Moment in the film's ending, surpreezingly! Count Olaf is arrested, and (although a fantasy sequence) is put through most of the significantly harrowing situations the orphans were forced into, the Baudelaires looking happy about their victory, and the big kicker (can be seen as a Tear Jerker as well) - Mr. Poe dropping the children off at their parent's mansion. There is a bit of a y walk in seeing it completely unharmed, as if it has been All Just a Dream and their parents will come running up—-although, as expected, it is but an illusion. Then, they get the letter from their parents that never came, and Violet reads it, set to Thomas Newman's beautiful score.
    • Another one from the ending: Jude Law's narration closing the film, displaying how the Baudelaires have come closer to one another, and how they'll always have each other no matter what happens.
      Lemony Snicket: And, for that, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed.
  • There's a outtake/blooper from the movie quite heartwarming. During a take of the scene where the Baudelaires are talking with Aunt Josephine and why she doesn't heat up soup, the actress playing Sunny slowly falls asleep in her chair. When they finally notice, they have adorable reactions. not to mention Meryl Streep going "Hello Sleepy Peep."
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  • Uncle Monty's reason for bringing the orphans to Peru with him. It subtly hints he was taking them to Peru for protection.
    Uncle Monty: Violet, do you know snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them? Few people do. When threatened, the snake will retreat to a place that is quiet, safe and remote. A sanctuary, where it can feel out of danger. That's why Peru.

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