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Headscratchers / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

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  • Why did Count Olaf try to kill the children with the train if they needed to be alive until Violet turns 18? Or why didn't he get Violet out of the car first?
  • Why didn't the Baudelaires break the windows of the car during the train scene? Wouldn't it be the initial reaction of anybody who was in this situation?
    • Car windows are fairly sturdy, especially considering the strength of two young children (Sunny as a baby wouldn't be much help in this situation, obviously). If they were outside the car, they might have been able to break in, but from inside, they didn't have much of anything to use to break the window, nor any room to build up momentum for the blow. They probably realized that it wouldn't work if they tried and decided to use their energy thinking up a more feasible solution, rather than waste time.
  • So Olaf pretends to be the Orphans' distant cousin to become their legal guardian. Later, Mr. Poe informs him that the only way for the guardian to inherit from the orphans is either to be a blood relative or to marry one of the orphans. This prompts Olaf to try to marry Violet. Even though Poe presumably still considers him a blood relative of the Baudelaires, since he made him their guardian!!!
    • The key phrase here may be "blood relative." If Olaf claims he married into the family, he might legally be considered enough of a relative to be the Baudelaires' guardian, but he's still not related to them by blood, leaving marriage as his only option.

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