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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Wordgirl is often inconsistent in how strong she is, at times being able to lift building-sized robots, and at other times restrained by mundane materials, such as The Butcher's meat. The thing is, Wordgirl is a pretty blatant expy of Superman, and while Superman is weak to Kryptonite, one of his other major weaknesses is no particular resistance to supernatural powers. Considering how The Butcher's (among others) powers work, it is likely she shares Superman's weakness to supernatural powers. Of course, the writing is still kind of inconsistent, but at least some of it is probably from how her powers work.
    • She's also (by relation) an Expy of Superboy (the original Superman when he was a boy version)—-foster parents, a youthful genius villain, etc. Like the Boy of Steel, perhaps she might still be learning how to use her powers to their fullest (and with no equivalent of the Legion of Super-Heroes to help with that)?
  • The Butcher not only has lunch meat as his power, he also tends to "butcher" words.
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  • Similarly, Chuck's Verbal Tic (never being able to think of the word he wanted to use) is evident in his villainous name, "The Evil Sandwich Making Guy."
  • This show is a parody of superhero tropes. Of course WordGirl's crush would be the local Intrepid Reporter.

Fridge Horror:

  • What if Miss Power comes back?
    • Mitigated by the fact that WordGirl knows what a Jerkass she is now. She'd probably get taken care of by an Enemy Mine between WordGirl and her normal foes.
  • We've seen Tobey's robots completely destroy whole buildings before. Assuming the buildings weren't completely desolate, how many people do you suppose were in those buildings? It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say Tobey's robots have actually killed people before. Jeez.
  • Dr. Two-Brains' transformation was caused by him being fused with an evil mouse. Yes, an intelligent, extremely malevolent mouse. You know, those tiny animals that live everywhere, without you ever realizing...
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  • Another Dr.Two Brains one, might overlap with Fridge Logic. When I saw the episode A Simple Plan, I thought it was a little weird that TB was freaking out so badly about displeasing Squeaky...But, after giving it some thought, we're never really shown what Squeaky can do to him. What we do know is that his BRAIN is connected/attached to TB, and, after seeing basically the only clip they had of that episode, it's made very obvious in Mouse Brain Take-Over that Squeaky can, in fact, control TB's body...(Yes, it was willingly that time but still...)
  • TJ REALLY likes WordGirl. ...What's going to happen once he hits puberty? (To paraphrase the Beatles, She'll be older, too...)
  • Squeaky (the mouse)'s brain apparently fused with Dr. Boxleitner's, making him Dr. Two-Brains. But what happened to the rest of him?
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  • In The Rise of Miss Power, The reason Two-Brain's got so upset and started to cry when Miss Power threatened to make sure he never got cheese again, wasn't because he loves cheese, but because he was scared of what Squeaky would do to him once his hunger grew. Further proven in 'A Simple Plan' where Two-Brain's completely freaked out when Squeaky got upset at the lack of cheese.
  • Not as big and scary as some of the others but you have to wonder how Becky manages to deal with always being second best to herself. "By Jove You Wrecked My Robot" actually implies that Becky has never heard compliments about the traits she shares with Wordgirl while she's Becky. And to make this worse, Wordgirl is a job to her while she considers Becky who she truly is.

Fridge Logic:

  • In "Oh, What a Tangled Rope You Tie, Amazing Rope Guy," WordGirl finds the Butcher at a steakhouse. Which makes perfect sense, he's a meat-based villain, he should love steak. ...But wait, he can shoot meat out of his hands, meat that's even cooked. So, he's basically paying for something he could get for free "incredibly" easily.
    • Maybe it's the way the steak is cooked at that particular steakhouse?
      • There's always the possibility of ambience. It can be nice just to go out some time, you know?


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