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  • The Butcher letting the little girl keep his cat in "Meat With A Side of Cute".
  • WordGirl getting sidetracked spending time with Tobey while looking for the "lost" remote in "Have You Seen the Remote?". As always, Tobey manages to screw it up, but seeing them treat each other like normal kids and as friends is very cute.
  • "Where's Huggy?":
    • WordGirl gives a speech about how much she missed her best friend and sidekick. Also counts as a Tear Jerker since Huggy (as Bob) and The Butcher cry after it.
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    • Not to mention that WordGirl and CHF hugging for the first time in the series.
  • In "The Young and the Meatless", The Butcher treats Dupey like a real person and not just one of Lady Redundant Woman's copies. Later, he's easily able to tell them apart even though they look identical.
  • The Butcher making peace with his father and playing catch with him in "Meat My Dad".
  • The episode "Lady Redundant Woman Gets the Blues". Royal Dandy calling Lady Redundant Woman his "mum". Also a Tear Jerker since she destroys him.
  • In the episode "Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout", WordGirl and Dr. Two-Brains stop their fighting to think about their old friendship and how it used to be after Dr. Two-Brains discovers the book he wrote as Prof. Boxleitner. After WordGirl says that he was a brilliant scientist before he turned evil, he briefly looks at her with warm sparkly eyes.
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  • The episode "Cherish is the Word". Not only does Tobey give WordGirl a chocolate human heart and tell Victoria Best that she's the best superhero, WordGirl even says that he can be her non-enemy.
  • Two-Brains coming to Becky's rescue in "A World Without WordGirl".
  • In "By Jove, You've Wrecked My Robot", Tobey swooning over the similarities he's noticed between Becky and WordGirl is heartwarming for two reasons. 1) Sure, Becky's been complimented on those things, but always as WordGirl; this is the first time someone has said those things about her as the person she sees as an actual person instead of a job (an important one, but still, WordGirl is just a job to her). And 2) she realizes, if only for a moment, that Tobey's crush on her is legitimate.
  • Mr. Big and Leslie missing each other, and eventually making up in "Yes-Monkey".
  • "The Rise of Miss Power":
    • Mrs. Botsford telling WordGirl that she is proud of her (bringing tears to WordGirl's eyes) and subtly hinting she knows her secret identity.
    • Right after Tobey's heart is crushed by WordGirl, his robots hand him a picture they drew of him and them together. It's especially heartwarming because the viewers can assume that Tobey really doesn't have any friends that he didn't build himself.
    • All the villains working together to fight Miss Power for the safety of Earth is just a really sweet gesture on the villains end, especially because they're villains.
  • In "A Few Words From WordGirl", WordGirl is asked to give a speech, but is nervous and can't think of anything inspirational to say. Two-Brains helps her out.
    Two-Brains: You're WordGirl! Your actions inspire people more than anything you could say.
  • The entire segments showing Dr. Two-Brains and his henchmen in "El Queso Mysterioso" where he devotes an entire crime spree doing what they want to do, like stealing non-cheese tacos, breaking into a sticker factory, and swimming in piles of money.
    Two-Brains: You know, I'm having a heck of a lot of fun today. Sure, I don't like stickers as much as my henchmen do-
    Henchman 1: No one does!
    Two-Brains: But you know what? I love seeing them happy, and their happiness is having an influence on my mood!

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