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Nightmare Fuel / WordGirl

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Surprisingly enough, not even a kid's show like WordGirl is immune to Nightmare Fuel.

  • Dr. Two-Brains's appearance. Imagine being a little kid seeing a mad scientist with red eyes and a tiny brain sticking out from his head! His scenario is even worse; it's pretty clear that Squeaky is usually the one calling the shots (or at least the dominate personality, as it's shown in "Of Two Minds" that he's not completely in control) when it comes to Two-Brains, so one has to wonder about Steven in all this. He's practically a mental prisoner in his own body and mind, forced against his better will to watch himself become a monster, and what's worse he is that he still is as of the finale. It helps that he was voiced by Tom Kenny, who voices many well-meaning characters.
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  • In the episode "Victoria Best", when Victoria loses a trophy to Becky Botsford for vocabulary, her parents are disappointed and tell her to keep her eyes on the prize. Their eyes start to grow red, and so does Victoria's. Becky herself is visibly scared when Victoria silently stares at her.
  • Miss Power is a terrifyingly realistic embodiment of bullying of the verbal variety, the kind that everyone claims is harmless but isn't. And to make matters worse, she got WordGirl doing it too. She also attempts to fry Dr. Two-Brains with her heat vision.

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