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Fridge Brilliance

  • When Leon does an impression of John Wayne, he uses a hip holster for tin snips rather than a real gun holster. For all of his firearms, Leon would have no use for a pistol hip holster, since he needs to conceal his weapons beneath his duster, and his shoulder holsters aren't useful in a John Wayne impression.
  • Tony off-handedly points out that his "bank" doesn't have any forms to fill in. We find out when Leon is trying to check into a hotel that he's illiterate, so this would be helpful for Leon.
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  • Léon is watching the hallway when the Dirty Cops tell the old lady that they are from the police/DEA. So Léon knows that they might be Dirty Cops, and probably convinces Mathilda off-screen to distrust the police and to not answer the door when the arriving police does the usual interrogation of neighbors/witnesses.
  • Living next door to a police-guarded crime scene might endanger Léon's cover. Conveniently, Mathilda's shooting out of the window prompts Léon to leave.
  • Malky says Willi Blood's name when Mathilda hears him mention her brother's killing. She later sees in the DEA building whom the other cops call Blood, and that Léon shoots him. It remains unclear whether she hears, memorizes and connects all the dots.


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