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Heartwarming / The Professional

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  • Léon giving Mathilda a handkerchief to wipe off the blood from her bleeding nose. This particular scene is bittersweet because of the following dialogue:
    Mathilda: Is life always this hard or just when you're a kid?
    Léon: Always like this.
  • Leon at the theater.
  • Léon using a pig-themed oven mitt as a Hand Puppet to cheer Mathilda up after her family is executed.
  • Leon spraying Mathilda with a water bottle while she runs around their apartment. Their antics eventually cause a closet door to fall off, eliciting laughter from the both of them.
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  • Léon and Mathilda's good-byes.
  • Mathilda digging up some soil and placing Leon's Companion Cube potted plant in the ground, which she addresses by his name.
  • A brief moment of Mathilda and her little brother hugging, establishing that he's the only one she gets along with in her abusive household.

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