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Awesome / The Professional

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  • Leon setting off an explosion that kills Stansfield after saying "This... is from Matilda." Also borders on Heartwarming Moment, in a way. Bonus points for doing it after getting fatally shot in the back.
  • The entire opening kill.
    • "Somebody's coming up. Somebody serious."
    • Just to elaborate a little, we don't even see Leon fully until all the target's bodyguards are dead, and he just materializes out of a shadow behind the guy. He takes out the guards, blocks the exits and herds the target exactly where he wants, all from the shadows in a way that borders on the supernatural.
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  • As the police invade Leon's apartment, it appears to be empty... until his hand closes the door. From the ceiling.
  • "The Ring Trick", from the International version.
  • Natalie Portman's breakout performance.


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