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Fridge / Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • The Seamstress is for Multiplayer Mode. When players join they don't change their level, so everything can become a Beef Gate. Once they are Sewn Together they can survive battles until they catch up. Refurbish, which is better than a White Mage with Rise or Arise, also seems to be tailored for visiting and under leveled characters that die in one hit.

Fridge Horror

  • Wait... so, once the titular heroes are thrown fifteen years into the past, they are shown King Horne is actually Satan in disguise. He makes a deal with Louhi, giving up Aire in fifteen years' time in exchange for the Desolator Tome. He also turns the real King Horne into a parrot, who then flees to Kuore and Brandt's home, where the king lives as Ankhel for fifteen years. With that in mind, does this mean that Aire and Carino were raised by Satan? And if so, he clearly wasn't a bad father, considering how strongly Aire believed in him.
    Bearing that in mind, it also seems like he truly did care about Aire in some fashion, seeing as how he sent Brandt to retrieve her. Which could have just been paying lip service to the court, but he didn't have to give Jusqua that illegal Fire Tome — which he did, personally. He had to know that it would be a powerful weapon, far stronger than a sword, against the Witch. It certainly appears he wanted them to have a chance at succeeding. His change in demeanor is noted by the townsfolk and the people in the castle, but it seems to be a recent thing. So it's either Fridge Logic, and Satan, in the guise of King Horne, turned the real king into a parrot fifteen years ago, but then changed him back to allow him to rule for fifteen years, then came back to turn him into a parrot again and take the throne; or it's not, and Satan is simply making his move now... which just happens to coincide with the time when Aire is stolen, and includes giving those he sends after her a fighting chance to get her back when it's clear that others who used lesser means have failed, even though he probably has a lot more important things to care about.
    Granted, he doesn't seem to give much of a damn about Aire later, but he is Satan. He might have just ceased caring once she "turned" on him. Still. That is kind of horrific, that the man Aire loved and adored as her father wasn't her father at all. The "man" who actually raised her was Satan. And seeing as how the party isn't personally affected by what they change in the past, their interference means that while it's no longer the case for Carino, it still is for Aire.
    Of course, it's still Fridge Logic in the sense that no one, not even Aire, seems to notice this; but then again, it could be explained by the group not putting two and two together when they're a little busy as it is, what with the way the whole world seems to be completely out of whack and evil is attempting to destroy everything.
    That, or no one on the development team noticed, either.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Satan wanted the heroes to defeat the witch, in order to break the contract and turn the population of Horne to stone. Thus, the heroes, who are destined to defeat Chaos, will be distracted in a hopeless effort to save Horne, leaving the Demon Lords to cover the world in darkness. Unfortunately for him, Satan did not expect the heroes to travel back in time.

Fridge Logic

  • When the party goes back in time and visits Invidia, they find that the Chief has banished Rekoteh from the house until she can find the Dragon's Mark. Except... the location of the Mark can only be accessed from inside the house. Everyone acknowledges that the Chief is being awful here, but don't seem to pick up on how paradoxical his ultimatum is.

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