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This game is a Spiritual Successor to the DS version of Final Fantasy III

It might sound dubious, but hear me out. Obviously the art style is dead on same. The characters all have rather threadbare characterization, often to the point of invoking stereotypes. This is not meant as a complaint, rather it's brought to make up the point that the three games in question (FF3, this, and Bravely Default) show a progression in balancing gameplay with story with a similar formula. All three are "job" games, and most of this game's jobs come from III. All three have a twist around 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through regarding the nature of the world, though to be fair V and VI did this as well. Oh, and a spacious Floating Continent plays a major role in this game and III. On the gameplay side, all three are turn based, with this one clearly improving upon III and Bravely Default improving upon it. Even if it's closer to a molehill than a mountain, you have to admit...the similarities are striking.


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