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Funny / Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

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  • The fact that every royal guard in the world, apparently, feels compelled to warn the characters to mind their manners.
  • Jusqua's reaction to learning that the cat he's been chasing halfway around the world isn't Aire after all?
  • Rekoteh starts having reservations about asking for Brandt and Jusqua for help with the dragon egg.
    Brandt: Cool! Jusqua, let's have a contest to see who can do it first!
    Jusqua: Does EVERYTHING have to be a game? ...Now, I've heard that dragons are born in fire. Maybe if we cast some powerful fire magic on it, like Firaga, that'll warm it up enough?
    Brandt: Naw, you don't need fire. You just need to hit it with something hard to wake it up. Like, say, a Mythril Hammer!
    Rekoteh: (I'm starting to think hooking up with these people was a bad idea...)
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  • After everyone reunites in Spelvia, Yunita's talk line is "I hope none of you are going to sneak off while I'm asleep and leave me on my own again!"

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