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The Nutt House, also known as The Nutty Nut, is a 1992 slapstick comedy film directed by Adam Rifkin and starring Stephen Kearney, Traci Lords and Amy Yasbeck.

The film focuses on two identical twins who were separated at birth, Nathan and Philbert. Philbert is a successful politician and established jerkass, while Nathan is a schizophrenic at a mental institution. When Nathan is told that the only way he can be freed of his multiple personalities is to meet his brother, he sets off to find him. Of course, when he gets there, he's mistaken for Philbert and hilarity ensues.

The film was written by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Scott Spiegel, the guys behind the Evil Dead films, although they used different names because they were embarrassed by the way Rifkin handled the direction.


Not to be confused with the 1989 Mel Brooks sitcom of the same name.

This show provides examples of:

  • All Cloth Unravels: Diane loses her dress in this manner.
  • Amusing Injuries: Especially the result of Nathan's (second) fall out of a window, and when Nathan's stretcher flys into Philbert's mouth.
  • Ass Shove: At the end of the movie, when Philbert ends up in the mental institution, the battleaxe nurse comes in with an extremely oversized thermometer.Right before the credits start to roll, a sickening squelching noise is heard.
  • Dead Baby Comedy: Almost literally, on two occasions: near the start of the film, when a baby Nathan is pushed by his brother down a flight of stairs, and again when a different baby is mistaken by Nathan (in his chef personality) for a chicken and nearly cooked alive. The last one is perhaps not as bad considering the infant's subtitled Goo's and Ga's make it clear that he doesn't think Nathan knows how to turn on the oven anyway.
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  • Food Fight The climax of the film is probably the most epic pie fight ever filmed, complete with a T-800 with a gun that shoots pies.
  • Funny Schizophrenia: Nathan's mental disorder is treated as the main source of comedy; his multiple personalities include a cowboy, a clown, a baby, a gangster, and even the Terminator!


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