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Withhold is a Trollhunters fanfic by P.A.W.07.

What if Jim used his second chance a little more sensibly? What if he knew better than to leave everything to chance? So, he promised himself to intervene only once. Only one time, because now he doesn't have any armor or a big sword to back him up. He only has his memories … and he will not give them to just anyone.

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This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Ambiguously Human: Both Kanjigar and Bular have a hard time figuring out if Jim was a human or a changeling. Kanjigar ultimately decides that he is human, given the fact that he saved his life and his scent is much more human than otherwise.
  • Cryptic Conversation: To give Kanjigar enough details to take action while also trying to wash his hands of the Trollhunter business as soon as possible (as well as having no time to actually prepare for it), Jim tries to make his answers as vague as he can to fit the Oracle persona he was going for.
  • History Repeats: When Jim and Toby go missing, people at school compare it to the "Milk Carton Epidemic" which also started with two boys going missing.
  • It's Personal: After being robbed of his chance to finally kill Kanjigar, Bular has made it his personal mission to find and kill - no, massacre - the mystery person that save him and threw a frying pan at his face.
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  • Mythology Gag: The "Milk Carton Epidemic" was an actual event in Arcadia, having started when two boys went missing, leading to a mass epidemic of children going missing in The '70s.
  • The Nose Knows: Having nothing but Jim's quilt, they send Draal and BaaAch to find the mystery seer that saved Kanjigar so that they could get better context of the situation using the scents on the quilt. Because Jim's mother Barbara uses the quilt most often, her scent is the strongest and the wind up finding her instead.
  • Ominous Message from the Future: Jim warns Kanjigar that the Killahead Bridge is being assembled by changelings in Arcadia, that Strickler will bring Angor Rot there, and that it would be in his best interest to let Draal back into his life, all while being vague enough for being seen as an Oracle.
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  • Peggy Sue: The first thing Jim does after being sent back is to save Kanjigar and give him a warning of the threats that he himself had to face.
  • Secret Identity: As a safety precaution, Jim dresses himself in a school-hoodie and a baggy pair of pants, and keeps the hood up to obscure his face.
  • Seers: Subverted. Due to the premonitions Jim imparts onto Kanjigar, he and the rest of the gang in Trollmarket believe that he was a seer imparting a prophecy.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The first thing he does after being sent back to the very start was to save Kanjigar from Bular.


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