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Fan Fic / Legends Never Die Series

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Legends Never Die (abbreviated as LND) is a series of The Book of Life fanfics written by A. Kingsleigh and originally posted on Tumblr.

Set during the decades following the events of the film, the stories follow the Sanchez family after Manolo's adventure in the Lands of the Dead. They must deal with the recurring consequences of his death and resurrection, be they angry gods, parallel universes, demon-hunting nuns or a daughter gifted with the mysterious ability to interact with gods and spirits. The other major plotline in the series is that of Joaquin's Fantastic Romance with a water spirit named Ixa and the challenges they face in order to be together. Later in the series, the Sanchez and Mondragon children become major characters and embark on adventures of their own.


Fics in the series:

  • Legends Never Die
    • Remember, Remember (semi-prequel oneshot)
  • Roads Not Taken
  • The Soldier and the Sea Daughter (oneshots set throughout the series, mainly between LND and NC).
    • The In-Law
    • First Night (NSFW oneshot)
  • New Chapters (oneshots set throughout the main series from RNT onwards)
  • To Hell And Back
  • Day of the Jaguar

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