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Fanfic / Code Geass: Zero's Revolution

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Rebellion – A violent act against the established order. Revolution – A widespread and wide-reaching change, for better or for worse. This is the tale of Lelouch taking up the mask of Zero to become a revolutionary for the world, instead of simply the leader of a rebellion for Japan. Witness the evolution of Zero as he changes the world. This is the tale of Zero's Revolution.

-Summary of CG:ZR

Code Geass: Zero's Revolution is an ongoing Code Geass Fanfic that begins with the worst day of Lelouch's life and things only go further downhill from there. Beginning with the death of his mother, Lelouch quickly finds himself and his sister, Nunnally, exiled to Japan. But before he leaves, he overhears something that forever alters the course his life will take.


It begins with a For Want of a Nail and expands it further by incorporating characters from other materials from Code Geass canon. Thus crafting a tale that, while somewhat similar to the original material, is still going in its own direction at its own pace.

The first chapter can be found on here: Code Geass: Zero's Revolution

This fic contains examples of the following tropes, in addition to those already present in the source material and side-materials:


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