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A prolific Tomb Raider (2013) fanfic by Asynca. It can be found here.

"How do you recover from an ordeal like on Yamatai? Lara, with Sam's help, is trying to answer this question. Breaching contracts, keeping secrets and starting new explorations will cause more damage than Lara could imagine. Lara/Sam, with complications from a familiar foe." Starting out where the game left off, The Camera Loves You is a re-imagining of the original 1996 Tomb Raider's plot, with adjustments made for the different era, a different Lara, and the presence of Sam.


While recovering in a Tokyo hospital, Lara, whose ordeal has catapulted her into sudden fame, is approached by beautiful businesswoman Jaqueline Natla. Natla has an intriguing offer for her: a chance to be lead archaeologist on an expedition to find Atlantis.

It now has an even larger sequel, The Dreaming, set in Australia. The Dreaming, in turn, has brought forth a spinoff prequel, Under My Skin, the story of how Dreaming original characters Bree and Min met each other. Additionally, author Asynca has indicated she's considering writing a third installment.

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The Camera Loves You and The Dreaming contain examples of:

  • Atlantis: The object of the Natla expedition.
  • Bi the Way: Sam.
  • Big Bad: Natla, again.
  • Camera Fiend: Sam with her ever-present video camera.
  • Good All Along: Larson. Unfortunately, Lara finds out too late.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: A variation: Min and Bree from The Dreaming are, respectively, Huge Androgynous Girl and Small Girl.
  • Hurt/Comfort Fic: Particularly in the beginning, before gradually morphing into a full-blown Action-Adventure.
  • Lighter and Softer: Though it does have its share of violence, death and Angst, it is a great deal softer than the grim, gory, nightmarish Tomb Raider (2013).
  • Really Gets Around: Sam has, according to Lara, "done absolutely everything" regarding sex. Her constant stream of boyfriends has always been a major source of irritation for Lara.
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  • Really 700 Years Old: Natla was one of the rulers of Atlantis, which sank thousands of years ago.
  • Scars Are Forever: Lara has a rather impressive scar on her stomach, courtesy of her fall onto a piece of rebar at the beginning of the game. In The Dreaming, Sam gets a similar one from getting shot.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Under My Skin reveals that Bree's behavior towards Min had heavy shades of this initially.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: Between Lara and Sam. As of The Dreaming also between Lara and Min, though author comment suggests it will never go further than UST.
  • We Can Rule Together: In order to properly work, the Scion requires a triumvirate controlling it. Natla intends to have Lara join her as one of the rulers of the new age.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Lara and Sam.

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