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Family Unfriendly Death / Warrior Cats

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One of the most well-known elements of Warrior Cats is how violent it is, despite being a series about cats aimed at 9-13 year olds. There are quite a lot of Family Unfriendly Deaths in the series.

  • To name a few, Swiftpaw was brutally mauled by a pack of dogs, Tigerstar is ripped open and bleeds to death nine times, and Mudclaw is crushed by a tree.
  • Whitethroat is run over by a car. And he continues to live for a few seconds afterwards. A few other cats have been killed by cars or other kinds of machinery, but so far Whitethroat is the only one to get flattened like a pancake.
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  • Hawkfrost got impaled with a wooden stake and filling a lake with his own blood, Sharptooth being impaled with a stalactite, and generally every cat that got their throat torn open or broke their necks. Even worse, characters that die a slow, painful death tend to twitch when they die.
  • One noteworthy "throat-getting-torn-open" death would be Ashfur's, due to its use of Blood Is Squicker in Water, and just how creepy his lifeless body bobbing around in the water as if he was still alive is.
  • When Yellowfang poisons Brokenstar, not even the main character can bear to watch him writhe in agony, and has to leave. If something is too scary for these cats, it certainly isn't family friendly.
  • Another poisoning death, Honeyfern has a seizure as she dies after being bitten by a venomous snake. The icing on the cake? She screams that her blood is on fire.
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  • Tigerstar torturing Lionblaze with visions of him killing Heatherpaw/tail in a series of extremely violent fashions. The only one we actually see is when he slices her throat open and blood pours out. The other dreams don't show him killing her, but show her mangled body and the messy results. You'll probably end up wondering how it is possible to spray so much blood everywhere...
  • More psychotic hallucinations: In Sunrise, Hollyleaf imagines a mouse as Leafpool, and proceeds to tear her to shreds in a fit of rage, the remains being described as a "red pulp".
  • And then there is Moonrise, which features an Ax-Crazy mountain lion who goes around slaughtering (and presumably eating) cats.
  • Pretty much everything about dogs in the series. As mentioned above Swiftpaw is slaughtered by a pack of dogs, and Brightheart loses an eye and half her face to the same dogs (she doesn't die, though). Later in the same book Tigerstar murders Brindleface in order to use her body as bait for the dogs. Then there are the dogs in Sunrise, who killed (and presumably ate) at least six cats, and apparently tore one of them to pieces.
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  • Whitestorm. Apparently he was covered in so much of his own blood, Firestar couldn't even tell what colour his fur was.
  • Rippletail has his shoulder pretty much torn open by a beaver's teeth, and then spends about an hour bleeding to death.
  • And who could forget Silverstream dying due to complications while giving birth, leaving Cinderpelt with complexes regarding the fact that she thought she could've saved her.
  • Tigerstar rips some cat's spine out.
  • Both of Antpelt's deaths. The first time, Thistleclaw injures him so badly, his Clan thinks he's been savaged by a dog. He dies slowly from infection, over a few days. The second time, Ivypool disembowels him, and he spasms while dying in a pool of his own blood.
  • Brokenstar grabs Beetlewhisker's throat in his jaws and lifts him off the ground until his neck snaps.
  • In Shattered Sky, Darktail starves the prisoners he takes, and later on has Needletail drowned to the point of exhaustion, before ordering her to kill her surrogate sister Violetpaw.
  • Snowbush has his leg broken in a mudslide and slowly suffers in agony as infection claims his life.
  • In the most recent arc, Berrynose is disemboweled by Tawnypelt, much like the killer's father was.