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Drinking Game / RuPaul's Drag Race

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Pour yourself some Absolut Vodka and take a sip each time...

  • The queens enter the workroom and do some sort of dance or Silly Walk on the way.
  • Ru drops one of her many catchprases.
    • If she somehow changes a catchphrase to match the episode, two sips.
    • Any time "Ru" is substituted for a rhyming syllable (Rusical, Rupologize, etc)
  • Ru addresses a queen by a nickname or catch phrase. Make it a full swig if you find it particularly annoying ("Iveeeeeeee Winterrrrrrrrs!").
    • Make it double if other queens start doing it too.
  • Ru quotes or paraphrases Paris Is Burning in some way.
  • A pageant queen and a comedy queen get in an argument over what is and isn't drag.
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  • The queens are put in groups, and two bitter rivals are forced to work together.
  • The underdog of the season cries because she doesn't know how to do something.
    • Small sips if you're watching season 6 Untucked, or you'll end up as incoherent as Laganja.
  • The bitch of the season says something rude under the guise of "keeping it real." Two sips if she actually has a point.
  • A tense moment is punctuated by a bitchy Confession Cam.
  • If a conversation in the "after the break" clip turns out to be taken out of context.
  • Any time a queen claims to be serving some kind of realness.
    • Two sips if what she's saying definitely isn't a thing. ("Carnival pregnancy realness!")
  • A queen reveals that she can't sew.
  • A plus-sized queen wears tights on the runway.
  • A skinny queen wears dental floss on the runway.
  • Michelle tells said skinny queen not to rely on that body.
    • Two sips if Michelle's outfit is just as revealing, at least cleavage-wise.
  • Santino accentuates the negative in his critique.
    • Down the whole glass if he gives an honest compliment, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • A guest judge falls in love with a queen.
    • Two sips if they're usually not even attracted to said's queen's gender.
  • During the lipsync, take a sip each time a queen:
    • Takes off her wig.
    • Takes off her shoes.
    • Takes off parts of her outfit.
    • Does a jumping split.
    • Does a death drop.
    • Does a backflip.
    • Does any or all of this even if it's a slow song.
  • If the winner of the lipsynch actually deserved to win and wasn't kept simply because of the drama she stirs up, finish your drink at leisure and be thankful that the show still has some integrity.
  • In the "Meet the Queens" short videos and/or whenever Tyra Sanchez is on screen, take a drink every time someone mentions Beyoncé.
  • Take a shot every time Cynthia Lee Fontaine mentions her "cucu".
  • For season 6, take a shot every time the queens go "WOOF WOOF WOOF" when the Pit Crew enters.
  • For season 10, take a shot every time one of Monet's sponges appears or is mentioned after her initial runway walk. Take two if the one bringing them up is Asia.
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  • For UK Season 1, take a shot every time Cheryl Hole decides to pull a death drop.
  • For Season 12, indulge in ‘Sherry-spotting‘, and neck some sherry-wine every time Un-person Sherry Pie briefly flashes up on screen in the Werk Room.
    • Warning: The above is not advised (unless you wish to give her your own personal censorship) if watching outside of America as she's given a normal edit in international showings.
    • Also, take a shot every time Gigi Goode mentions her mom.
  • Take a shot every time Tina Burner wears red with orange or yellow. Two sips if Rosé wears tulle.
  • Two sips if a Queen wore a similar outfit to another contestant.


  • If a queen makes a scathing remark then immediately takes a sip of her drink and all sound is muted except for her straw ("bitchsip"), have at it.
  • If a queen uses freaky tongue acrobatics to get the straw in her mouth without smudging her lipstick.
  • A queen cries while giving her tragic backstory.
  • If a queen references drama that occurred on her season.
    • Two drinks if she starts references drama on someone else's season.
  • For All-Stars 4, take a shot whenever Monique says "facts are facts", "brown cow", "stunning", "ooh ah ah sensation", or "goop".

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