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Drinking Game / Rescue 911

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This is the Rescue 911 drinking game. KEEP AN AMBULANCE ON SPEED DIAL (no humor intended).

  • Every time a house fire is started by a electrical short, take a drink.
  • Every time there's a Special Effects Failure, take a drink.
  • Every time the show goes all What Happened to the Mouse? with a burglar or car accident subject or criminal's accomplice, take a drink.
  • Now go to the comments section of a YouTube upload of an episode, and take a drink when:
    • Someone applauds a heroic action in the episode.
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    • Someone yells What an Idiot! and wishes death upon the criminal or person who caused an accident. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WITH ALCOHOL.
    • Abigail from "Speed Dial Burn Save" demands an upload of said episode be taken down because she's mad at the unstable YouTube commenter side of it's fanbase.

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