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This is a completely suicidal list. Each and every one of these comes up a lot (many of them have Once an Episode status).

  • Every time Walter’s IQ is mentioned.
  • Every time Happy says “not good”.
  • Every time Toby injures himself or calls out an organ. ("Oh, my [name of organ]!")
  • Every time Cabe calls someone “son”.
  • Every time Paige is a Mama Bear.
  • Every time Sylvester’s wants and needs are ignored. Twice if his instincts were right.
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  • Every time they do something totally and completely impossible. Twice if the solution is... convenient.
  • Every time Walter acts like an ass.
  • Every time Happy throws something at someone else, or threatens to do so.
  • Every time the team does something for or with Ralph.
  • Every time Walter mentions EQ or not having emotions.
  • Every time Paige translates to or from the team.
  • Every time Paige is in danger.
  • Every time Walter pulls the mother card and keeps Paige from getting into danger.
  • Every time Cabe breaks up an argument.
  • Every time Cabe makes them focus.
  • Every time Toby interferes with Walter and Paige.
  • Every time Walter gets hugged against his will.
  • Every time Toby mentions Harvard.
  • Every time Walter loses his tie during a mission.
  • Every time someone uses hand sanitizer. Twice if Sylvester uses it.
  • Every time Happy crawls through a building's air vents (good thing she's tiny).Twice if someone else does it too.
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  • Every time Cabe affectionately refers to someone as "kid".
  • Every time Ralph has to be the Only Sane Man when the rest of the team has effectively ego tripped itself to a standstill.
  • Every time Toby and Happy come up with a new acronym to symbolize their marital philosophy. Twice when they inevitably abandon the philosophy.


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