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Drinking Game / DARLING in the FRANXX

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Drinking game for DARLING in the FRANXX. Beware of spoilers.

In honor of Zero Two's Sweet Tooth, this game is best played with honey whiskey, coconut rum, Baileys, or other sweet liquors. Also, be sure your own "darling" has the emergency room on speed dial if you begin to show signs of alcohol poisoning...

  • Take a sip whenever...
    • Zero Two says "Darling"
      • Take a double sip when she mentions him in his absence, using the word as his name
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    • Zero Two uses the first-person pronoun "boku"
    • Zero Two eats something sweet
    • The Jian metaphor gets brought up
    • A parasite from Squad 13 or elsewhere thanks Papa
    • Sexual innuendo is stated by the characters during combat
    • Someone exclaims "Strelizia!!!"
      • Take the whole shot if it is exclaimed by more than 3 characters at once
    • Marriage or symbols related to marriage are shown or referred to
  • Take a shot whenever...
    • A character gets mind-wiped
    • A flashback occurs
    • Miku and Zorome act like Tsunderes
    • Zero Two's eyes glow red
      • Also, from Episode 22 onwards, take a shot whenever Hiro's eyes glow blue
    • Pages from The Beast and the Prince appear
    • Kokoro brings up the book on infants and pregnancy
    • Ichigo attempts to confess to Hiro
    • Someone's Franxx interface is glitching and/or disconnection occurs
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    • Someone states that Zero Two is not a human
  • Finish your drink...
    • Whenever Hiro and Zero Two kiss
    • Whenever Zero Two uses the first-person pronoun "watashi"
    • Whenever a character gets Killed Off for Real
    • When Mitsuru and Kokoro have sex in Episode 17
    • When APE's true identity is revealed in Episode 20
    • When Naomi is revealed to be alive in Episode 22
    • When Strelizia becomes Strelizia - True Apus in Episode 23
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