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As befits a show with ships built into its premise, DARLING in the FRANXX's cast has many possible pairings.

Heterosexual Ships

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    Hiro/Zero Two 
The ship. The show's plot centers on it, every character is affected by it, and both characters are determined to do whatever the hell they have to to stay together.
  • When it comes to her reputation, Zero Two doesn't care about anybody but Hiro's opinion. She actually appears upset when she believes he might think of her as a monster.
  • Hiro eating what Zero Two offers him in episode 5 as opposed to episode 2, where, while already drawn to her since their first meeting, he was more interested in whether or not he had piloted the Franxx with her. It shows he's come to trust her.
  • Episode 6 has a bunch, like Zero Two actively watching over Hiro's worsening state while they pilot. Hiro's Cooldown Hug when Zero Two starts going berserk and his newfound purpose of "being her wings" take the crown though.
  • Hiro is quite taken by the sight of Zero Two in a swimsuit, despite not showing much of a reaction when it comes to his other female friends, who are in skimpier bikinis.
  • They spend time together despite the This Is My Side fight between boys and girls. This is also one of the first episodes we get to see them have fun together when he chases her after she steals the boys's underwear, with Hiro genuinely laughing and Zero Two mentioning that she actually feels human.
    • Hiro expresses his desire to know her better and protect her, and in the end asks her to tell him everything that's on her mind. She tells him to never let her go.
  • Goro says he feels for Ichigo the same way Hiro feels about Zero Two. Later in episode 9 Goro tells Ichigo he loves her. At this point, Hiro is probably the only one that hasn't fully realised the magnitude of his feelings for Zero Two. At least, until in Episode 12 when he makes a heartfelt Love Confession to Zero Two. Too bad she wasn't in the best of moods at the time...
  • Episode 13 confirms that Hiro and Zero Two first met when they were still children, and Hiro was the one who helped her escape the Garden after seeing the experiments done on her. It was also his kindness to her that drove her to become human so she could meet him once again, unaware that she already did. Thankfully, they realize who the other is by the episode's end.
  • Episode 15, just the entire second half. It’s not ship tease anymore it’s complete confirmation. Hiro thanks to his, Goro and Ichigo’s actions gets to Strelizia and confronts Zero Two at last. There he sees Zero Two’s memories and how much she wanted to be human to be with him as a child, allowing him to awaken her from her rage filled state. After a few moments of guilt filled apologies, they kiss, empower Strelizia to a new level and joyfully confess their love for each other.

  • The pistils converse amongst themselves about piloting. Ichigo is one of the few who not only doesn't mind it but actively enjoys it (in drastic contrast to the disgusted breakdown she had after trying to pilot with Hiro). This is reflected in their high sync rate.
  • Goro begins asking himself what he's feeling when he tries to comfort Ichigo as she's crying.
  • Goro managing to calm down Ichigo when she thought Hiro had died.
  • Goro talking to Hiro about the latter's kiss with Zero Two during their walk to the ruins seems to show him trying to figure out his own feelings for Ichigo.
  • Episode 9, oh, where to begin. Goro realises he loves Ichigo, but prefers to keep it to himself so as to not jeopardize their partnership. At the end of the episode, after a near death experience for both of them, he outright confesses after gifting her a new hairclip. She blushes and is at a loss for words at first, but then tells him she's happy to be his partner. He doesn't mind because he's just happy to be with her.
    • In a more subtle sense, Ichigo lost the hairpin Hiro had gifted her when they were kids and now wears the one Goro made. Out with the old, in with the new?
    • Ichigo dives into a river of gasoline note , that could go up at any second, just to rescue Goro.
  • After episode 9, a show animator drew Ichigo, snuggled up in bed, gazing at the hairpin like an idiot.

  • Zorome may ogle other girls, but none of them are half so important to him as Miku, and she never goes farther than ogling other guys herself. She's the only person he never intentionally upsets.
  • Zorome is deeply distressed when Miku gets hurt in battle, and tenderly lifts her out of the cockpit to care for her.
  • They're, quite predictably, the most adamant about splitting up in episode 8, but in the end Miku tells him that, as long as he respects her, she won't mind letting him see a little of her... goods, so to speak.
  • In a post-"Eternal City" 4koma, Miku berates Zorome tearfully for getting separated from the group.
  • When they encounter Nine Alpha, Miku comments on his pretty face, causing Zorome to immediately zoom into the background and give a wary glare at her.

  • Ichigo has twice attempted a love confession to Hiro, only to be shut down each time.
  • In Episode 14 she prevents Hiro from running to Zero Two and confesses a third time.
  • Sunk as of Episode 15, where Ichigo realizes that he never loved her as more than a sister when she finally gets to pilot Delphinium with him and their minds connect.

  • Seemingly the most balanced relationship initially, with Futoshi doting on the sweet and gentile Kokoro. They even pick up some of Hiro and Zero Two's romantic behavior, with Kokoro handfeeding Futoshi at breakfast.
  • As of episode 11, this ship seems to have (permanently?) hit the rocks as Kokoro switches to Mitsuru as her partner, and both operate better together.
  • Permanenetly sunk. Even after Kokoro's mind is wiped and she tries to partner/pilot with Futoshi again (in episode 19), he refuses, telling her to pilot with Mitsuru.

  • Kokoro has shown concern for Mitsuru's well being. Mitsuru is somewhat gentler with her than with Ikuno, and they have good chemistry together. Possibly a case of Opposites Attract.
  • As of episode 11, this ship seems to have become canon, as after some initial difficulty, they both have a 100% connection with each other. Mitsuru promises to protect Kokoro, in a way he never considered with Ikuno.
  • In episode 16, Kokoro actually kisses Mitsuru (much to both their surprise) after cutting his hair.
  • The episode 17 teaser shows Kokoro slowly unzipping Mitsuru's shirt. And no, it isn't misleading at all since they actually end up doing the deed later in the same episode.
  • In episode 18, they actually get married.
  • However, at the end of the episode, their memories have been altered such that they don't remember each other. In Episode 19, Mitsuru states he doesn't think they will ever have such feelings for one another.
  • In episode 20, its strongly hinted that Kokoro is pregnant, and piloting together may have started them recovering memories.

  • Launched in episode 11, with the partner switch. Ikuno and Futoshi seem to have better compatibility numbers with each other than either had with their previous partners.
  • Sunk as of episode 18 where Ikuno finally comes out as a lesbian to Ichigo.

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