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  • Acting for Two: In addition to Naomi, Ami Koshimizu also voices Hiro during his childhood.
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  • Anime First: It does have a manga, but it serves as promotion to the anime first and foremost, and the show itself is an original.
  • Banned in China: After the third episode, the anime was announced to be no longer airing in China. The whole fiasco is a bit more complicated however: A certain Chinese anime commentator (allegedly called LEXBURNER) directly compared this anime with Violet Evergarden (both aired in the same season) in a single commentary video and, with the Chinese fandom already divided over which is the better anime of the season, a massive Flame War broke out over the Chinese internet (some elements from the anime only fueled it even more). This resulted in a self-proclaimed fan of the commentator reporting DARLING to the Chinese officials for its unsuitable contents, leading iQiYi (which had exclusive rights to air this anime proper in Mainland China) to pull the plug under pressure (Slow Start was also dragged down unfortunately). Eventually things calmed down, with iQiYi resumed airing the series (with usual censorships in place), and at least part the China anime fandom agreed that they went a bit overboard.
  • Casting Gag:
    • This isn't the first time Haruka Tomatsu played a devilish girl with pink hair and green eyes. Double funny as the manga is being made by Kentaro Yabuki, the creator of Lala.
    • Ditto with the English dub when it comes down with a certain character. Bryn Apprill voiced a pigtailed redheaded tsundere in Date A Live as Kotori Itsuka.
    • Justin Briner previously voiced a blonde haired boy who's a mysterious bishonen.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The nameless partner of Zero Two in the first episode who dies in a bloody mess has been nicknamed Juice box-kun.
    • Goro is nicknamed "Gobro" for always getting Hiro's back.
      • Upgraded to "Godbro" in Episode 15 after he personally swaps places with Hiro in Delphinium in order to get him to the rampaging Strelizia and, by extension, reunite with Zero-Two.
    • Ichigo gets called "Strawberry-chan" by some fans. note 
      • After episode 14, she gained another one. "Bitchigo", by the courtesy of a furious fandom for her incredibly selfish actions in splitting Hiro and Zero-Two apart by any means necessary.
      • One episode later she gained "Ichibro" because she finally accepted that Hiro will never see her as more than a sister and helped him get into Strelizia. She even showed some begrudging concern toward a rampaging Zero Two.
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    • Kokoro has been called by some people "Cuckoro" due to breaking her promise with Futoshi.
      • Later on, she also gets "Momkoro" due to her kindness and desire to have children.
      • Pretty self explanatory: "556 and Pregnant".
    • For the Nines:
      • Nine Alpha is called certainly an "Alpha Man", having taken quite an approaching nature towards females. Due to his similar looks, "Nova-kun" gets thrown around occasionally.
      • Nine Delta (the member of the Nines that looks a lot like Ichigo, only with green hair) is called "Grape-chan".
      • Some fans call the Nines the "Thot Patrol". Hilariously fitting for Nine Alpha, seeing how he brazenly approached Ichigo in a "thot"-like manner.
    • Child Zero Two is called "Eo To" because that's how she mispronounced "Zero Two" when Hiro first gave the name to her.
    • Zero Two is the fandom's "Local Dinogirl". Whenever she smiles it's a good day.
    • Hiro is a "Madman" because of how insanely brave he was as a kid and especially after he gets his memories back. His determination to go after what he wants, guile and willingness to break the rules get him compared to Kamina of all people.
    • Mitsuru is usually referred to as "Milkman" due to him drinking milk in a fancy glass in the early episodes, and his subplot with Kokoro calling to mind the Cheating with the Milkman flavor of Netorare.
      • Upgraded to "Milked-man" after Episode 17 thanks to Kokoro. Hiro being a great wingman helped.
    • Futoshi is sometimes referred to as Fatoshi, Fat, or Fatty. Go on, guess why.
      • He upgraded to "Brotoshi" after he volunteered to officiate Kokoro and Mitsuru's wedding in Episode 18. This man is the I Want My Beloved to Be Happy trope incarnate.
      • "Father Futbroshi of the Cooking Pot" is gaining traction as well, for the same reason. Considered to follow the teachings of the Church of Godbro.
    • Slamming with brute force some dough in Episode 16, and scaring Miku in the process, gained Ikuno the nickname of "The Destroyer".
      • Reinforced once she bitch-slapped Alpha in Episode 17 and outright put him through the Romero Special in the yonkoma.
    • The Klaxosaur Princess that appears at the end of Episode 16 is either called Evil Two, Loli Princess or Lady Gaga.
    • Mitsuru and Kokoro's wedding in Episode 18 got nicknamed "Red Wedding". Blood wasn't spilled, but it was definitely a bleak event.
    • Squad 13's increasing "done-with-your-shit" attitude at APE made them become "Normandy 13".
    • Nana has "Our Nana", stemmed after she was seemingly replaced by another "Nana", Code:007, in episode 20.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many fans had called the partner switch all the way back in Episode 3, where they show that certain FRANXX teams were struggling with synchronization, and Kokoro seemed to be more at ease with Mitsuru while Ikuno was much less sad and upset when she was with anyone other than Mitsuru. The manga adaptation makes Kokoro's interest in Mitsuru even more blatant, in that she drops her conversation as soon as Mitsuru arrives and uses the garden as her excuse.
    • Not so much confirmed, but restating what people already figured given the heavy traditional pairing imagery— same sex FRANXX teams are impossible, as they cannot get the mech to even move, as we see with Ikuno when she attempts to pilot with Ichigo.
    • A lot of fans had been speculating that Hiro and Zero Two had met before when they were both children and that, somehow, APE messed with their memories to make them forget. Episode 12 confirms it.
    • Hybrid pilots (those that can be the Pistil or Stamen), which the Nines turn out to be. Their status as antagonists, solely because of this, was predicted as well.
    • Many fans were vindicated learning that the green member of the Nines, Nine Delta, was a girl.
    • In Episode 15, after seeing the preview, it became apparent that Hiro would somehow find a way to get into the battlefield and reunite with Zero Two despite not having a franxx. Fans started speculating on how he'd actually do it, and some jokingly said he'd use the training unit he used to practice with in the first few episodes. Guess how he joins the battle.
    • Episode 17 reveals that Hiro is turning into a Klaxosaur hybrid with horns. Fans guessed this since the early stages of the series. The "Blue Oni Hiro" variation of this was also confirmed, given that the nubs on his head had a slight blue coloration at the time.
  • Jossed:
    • Due to Zero Two initially being more forward than Hiro in their relationship, early episodes had fans run theories on if Hiro would become the first male Pistil in Plantation 13. Additionally, there were also theories their positions would eventually become interchangeable, fitting the metaphor of a "reversible" relationship. Episode 15 took down both theories, and the Nines fulfilled the "reversible pilot" role.
    • FRANXX cannot be piloted with male Pistils and female Stamens instead of just boy-girl pairs. Though the Nines have the more masculine partner serving as the pistil.
    • The backstory revealed in episode 19 lets down a few theories: that Dr. Franxx and 001 had a similar relationship to Hiro and 002, and that Hiro/002 is Dr. Franxx's biological child.
    • Many viewers assumed that Naomi was dead considering how cryptic her situation was. Episode 22 would reveal that she was alive all along.
    • Ikuno's supposed romantic fate over the course of the series basically boiled down to her getting over her crush on Ichigo and coupling with Futoshi. Come the finale, and not only are these two not together, but at least one of them ended up coupling with another parasite while Ikuno was shown holding hands with Naomi.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Many fans were surprised when they read that Zorome would be played by Ryan Reynolds in the Funimation dub. But it's not the Deadpool guy, but a woman who has been playing minor roles for the last decade.
    • Zero Two just so happens to have the same name as a certain blood-crying Fallen Angel Eldritch Abomination. This has led to a massive tag confusion at websites such as Pixiv and Google.
    • Ichigo shares her name with a member of the Holy Shonen Trinity, as well as a cat-themed magical girl.
    • Miku shares her name with two idols, and has twintails like one of them.
  • The Other Darrin: Daiki Hamano replaces Yuichiro Umehara as Goro's voice actor from Episode 23 onwards after the latter was hospitalized due to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Bound to happen in a series like this.
    • Hiro/Zero Two: Hir02, Dino-couple or, fittingly, The Lovebirds
    • Zorome/Miku: ZoroMiku
    • Goro/Ichigo: IchiGoro
    • Mitsuru/Kokoro: MitsuKoko
    • Ikuno/Ichigo: IchiKuno
  • Troubled Production: In an appearance at Anime Expo 2018, Trigger's panel revealed that the show's pre-production was difficult and that the team had "been through a lot". There has also been substantial speculation that Trigger did not get along with Cloverworks, and the former had to face having storyboards rejected by the producer and director. This has lead many to speculate that the second half of the series was negatively affected because of this partnership.
  • The Wiki Rule: The DARLING in the FRANXX Wiki.


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