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Drinking Game / American Horror Story

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Across all seasons:

  • Take a drink
    • When someone dies.
    • When a male actor gets a nude scene.
    • When a flashback occurs
    • Theres a musical number (don’t expect anything after Freak Show)
    • Whenever a character is being sassy.
  • Take two when
    • You notice a reference to a previous season.
  • Down your drink when/if:
    • Your favourite character dies
    • Your favourite character lives to the final scene of the season

In American Horror Story: Murder House

  • Take a drink when:
    • Tate and Violet share a scene
    • When Moira switches between her younger and older counterparts.
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    • When the twins appear.

In American Horror Story: Asylum:

  • Take a drink when:
    • The Dominique plays
    • When the aliens appear

In American Horror Story: Coven:

  • Take a drink when:
    • The la-la-la-da-la-da song plays
    • When a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac song plays.

In American Horror Story: Freak Show:

  • Take a drink when:
    • Dandy says "I hate you"

In American Horror Story: Hotel:

  • Take a drink when:
    • Iris tries to talk to Donovan
    • Holden appears
    • John gets caught up in his work trying to find the Ten Commandments Killer
    • The Addiction Demon appears
    • Someone gets bitten by a vampire


In American Horror Story: Roanoke:

  • Take a drink when:
    • The butcher appears
    • Shelby goes "Maaaaatttt!"

In American Horror Story: Cult:

  • Take a drink when:
    • Donald Trump is mentioned
    • Someone drops the “F” bomb

In American Horror Story: Apocalypse:

  • Take a drink when:
    • Someone drops an F bomb
    • Mead Robot or human appears.
    • The black and white old movie-esque appears when a witch is demonstrating her powers.
    • The coven performs a Power Walk
  • Down you drink if:
    • An unexpected character (who is dead or otherwise) appears.

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