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Death Of A Child / Web Original

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  • The City of Never has the death of Crystal Hopper, Alessa's younger sister who's tortured and raped for several days before finally dying after she's possessed by Draynak.
  • Kadu'av doesn’t shy away from child murder. The Gilded Cross massacre any non-Yeshu settlements, subjecting the people to brutal deaths, and child are mentioned among the piles.
  • The Kindness of Devils usually avoids this trope—even None Too Holy, which puts a whole orphanage in jeopardy, doesn't kill off one child. The same can't be said for Under The Cold Moon, which goes well out of its way to show that Siegfried and Nomura have killed dozens of children.
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  • SCP Foundation, Characters/SCPFoundation, SCP-400 ("Beautiful Babies"). SCP-400 infests and kills babies, then uses Mind Manipulation pheromones to make their mothers think they're still alive.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, children are just just as likely to die as adults...or become ravenous zombies if they end up infected with the Plague of Undeath. The senseless deaths of children play a plot point as watching an innocent child die in the hands of merciless thugs and being unable to stop it is what eventually prompts Bishop Arbriel Conrad to stray from the Path of Light and join the Totenkopfs with the intention of "purging" the world from those who in his view don't deserve to live in it.
  • In the M,wdyd? Series seems to be pretty consistent with killing people off in a "Kenny Death", children, especially the titular Madgie, included. The reason as to why she has it that is to usually make the story poignant and just to show anyone can die in those stories. Don't worry, they get better when time is reversed.
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  • Reasoning shows Beverly Nokken stumbling upon two children's corpses inside of a tent, both of whom had been murdered by the Venator.
  • In Worm, the protagonist Mercy Kills a toddler. The Slaughterhouse Nine also attacked a nursery at one point, albeit offscreen.
  • None of the stories in the Legatum series are shy about killing off children. Most notable is a case from Help Not Wanted where an ogre beats a young girl to death and then gouges out one of her eyeballs.
  • Sangue Serenissima has a scene at the end of chapter 3 where Eliphas Coyte kills the twelve-year-old Julio by burning his brain from the inside-out.
  • Gold Tongues has a scene in chapter 4 where Petrol snaps a nine-year-old boy's neck, and then proceeds to rape and kill an eleven-year-old girl off-screen.
  • Brave New World Universe:
    • The story generally avoids killing actual children at least onscreen, but Tech Adventures uses this a few times. To torment Sasha some more the Joker (NOT the DC Joker) kidnaps a bus full of third graders, blowing up all the boys. He then proceeds to take to the airwaves where he tortures one girl leaving her paralyzed and dying from her injuries. Later he almost succeeds in blowing up the rest of them.
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    • In the same story when the big bad Joanna is taking over several countries, and collecting people for mind controlled supersoldiers, her soldiers are seen killing children who are useless to her.
  • On Cinema: Tim's son, Tom Cruise Jr., is announced to have died near the end of season 7 and the final episode of the season is a special in his honour. Its implied that Tom's death was due to getting treatment by Dr. San rather than going to a professional doctor
  • Tails Series:
    • Tails of Fame features an explicitly-detailed mass shooting that takes place within a crowded amusement park. Several children are murdered during the massacre.
    • Tails of the Bounty Hunter has Cale Tomlik and Yordin Mannil burning down Dr. Vogar Oblingor's laboratory and mercy-killing all of the anthros he transformed into feral monsters. Some of said anthros in question were children.
  • Cyanide & Happiness: Too Many Police features a dad cop who uses his absurdly large family of bastard babies as meatshields, and covers the mayor in babies everywhere but the face. They both die.
  • Petscop: The game has a child character named Michael Hammond, who died in 1995. His name can be seen on an in-game gravestone in video 2 along with the text "Mike was a gift".

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