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"Lightspeed! Rescue!"

The twenty second instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, a adaptation of the actual Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Centuries after their defeat by the Resistance Rangers, the Demons have finally escaped from Hell, albeit without Satan Bansheera, and set about making a plan to rise up to their old strength and rebuild their stronghold on Earth so they can restart their universal conquest. In order to procure them stronger minions, Diabolico, who has matured significantly and taken the role of the informal field leader of the group, prepares a special ritual under the full moon. Discovered by scientist, occultist and ex-firefighter William Mitchell, Diabolico captures him and keeps him bound to a wall, Forced to Watch as the demons reveal that they have stolen five newborns from a hospital and start the ritual - five babies born the same day under the full moon, placed in a circle of fire and infused with Star Power, which would have destroyed their bodies and turned them into Super Demons for Diabolico's plans. However, this backfires when William gets a Heroic Second Wind after noticing his own newborn daughter Dana amongst them, breaks out and stops the ritual just in time. With Mitchell reclaiming Dana and the other four babies rescued by a local ambulance's staff, the demons are forced to retreat underground for twenty years.


Those twenty years have passed, and Dana has grown up to a incredibly talented doctor and paramedic. By some strange coincidence, the other four children have also grown up to work in the rescue services as well - Carter Grayson is a firefighter and HAZMAT squad member, Kelsey Winslow is a specialised emergency services operative and extreme sports enthusiast, Joel Rawlings is a Search and Rescue pilot who has a side job doing stunts, and Chad Lee is a lifeguard and coast guard operative, as well as a martial artist. On the night they turn twenty, the residue Star Power infused into them from the ritual results in them developing strange and dark powers, as well as a severe vulnerability to water.


Recurring Power Rangers Redverse Tropes:

  • All Your Colors Combined:
    • The Spectra Blast, the Rangers' V-Lancer finisher. They fire their beams into the air, where they form a large golden sphere of energy which flickers with a big gold V before crashing down onto the enemy.
  • Weapon of Choice:

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