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Wadjet Eye Games is an independent game developer and publisher focused on Adventure Games. It is headed by the New York-based Dave Gilbert, the mind behind The Blackwell Series, The Shivah, and Unavowed. Originally founded by Gilbert to develop his own games, Wadjet Eye would later expand to becoming a publisher for other indie titles as well.

Website is here.

Games developed:


Games published by Wadjet Eye:

  • Puzzle Bots (2010)
  • Gemini Rue (2011) (Joshua Nuernberger)
  • Resonance (2012) (xii games)
  • Primordia (2012) (Wormwood Studios)
  • A Golden Wake (2014) (Grundislav Games)
  • Technobabylon (2015) (Technocrat Games)
  • Strangeland (2021) (Wormwood Studios)
  • The Excavation of Hob's Barrow (2022) (Cloak and Dagger Games)
  • Nighthawks (TBA) (Curiosity Engine)
  • Technobabylon: Birthright (TBA)