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Tribute Games are a Canadian independent video game development studio located in Montreal, Quebec. The company was founded in 2011 by ex-Ubisoft Montreal staff members Jonathan Lavigne, Jean-Francois Major and Justin Cyr, previously known for their work on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. They’re known for creating 2D indie games seeking to replicate the atmosphere of the 80’s titles in their works. This includes the graphics, sound effects, and of course, their extreme difficulty.

Games in their library:

Games developed and published:


Games published:

Tropes featured in their work:

  • Animesque: Some of their work evoke Japanese game aesthetics.
  • Nintendo Hard: To the point that the help file for the Ninja Senki specifically contained a FAQ question “The game is too hard!”, with the response “Remember, you’re playing as a ninja!” Other games aren’t much different.
  • Retraux: Scores, graphics, and the sounds: all is geared towards being as retro as possible in their games, and they admit as such on their website.