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Editorial Novaro is a Mexican international book publisher, best known for producing comic books in Spanish, both original titles and adaptations of comics from other countries, mainly the United States.

It was founded in the 1950s by the brothers Luis and Octavio Novaro. Their first titles were American translations, mostly DC Comics, but also including Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics and Archie Comics. From Europe they also translated issues of Tintin, The Adventuresof Alix and Dan Cooper.


Eventually however they gave up the rights to their comics adaptations to another company, Grupo Editorial Vid.

Novaro's reprints were (usually) smaller in size than the originals; this, coupled with a Mexican law that required larger typeset (to avoid damage to the reader's eyesight, supposedly) resulted in less room for words, leading to sometimes vague translations. Additionally, cultural references they did not expect their audience to get (or ones that could be accidentally offensive) were removed or changed.

Despite this the Novaro comics were considered to be of very good quality. Many of them were in full color, with only a few series (such as Kalimán) being done in sepia ink tones. Most titles were anthologies, featuring multiple stories either of the same character, or ones related by theme. All their titles had their logo — a triangle with the letters EN — in the upper left corner rather than the original company's.


Today the company produces mainly magazines (both real and digital). Their building is still located in Mexico City and it still has their logo on their doors.

A (partial) list of titles published by the company include:

Original series: