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  • Frequently used by comedians, especially Louis CK who is practically a god of obscenity.
  • There is a comedy piece that's presented as a grammatic lecture on the word "Fuck". It notes it can be used as a verb, noun, or almost any word in a sentence: "Fuck the fucking fuckers!"
  • Katt Williams, so much so that every third to fifth word has to be bleeped out whenever his stand up specials are edited for tv.
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  • The German comedian Michael Mittermeier parodied this in Zapped!. According to him, this is the way people speak in New York City: They use "fuck" whenever possible.
    Tourist: Fuck you, fucking salesman! Gimme the fucking coke outta the fucking icebox.
    Shop owner: Hey man! You wanna fuck me with your fuckin' order? Fuck you! I'll tell you something: If you wanna fuck with me, I'll fuck you, you motherfucker! Gitchyer fuckin' ass outta my fuckin' store, you motherfuckin' son of a bitch!
  • Robin Williams offered this "impression of a New York echo":
    [Mimes opening a window] Helloooo!
    Shut the fuck up!
  • Denis Leary is rather fond of this trope, and uses it quite frequently in his routines. His "No Cure For Cancer" tour routine starts off with "Thank you, thank you, thank you, and fuck you!"
  • According to comedian Lewis Black, the city of New York uses "fuck" not as a swear word but, in his words, a comma. He also seems to be very fond of it himself.
    • The Kennedy Center in DC declined to let him record his HBO special Red, White and Screwed there, because of how many times he had said "fuck" in his last special ("Do you know how many times Mr. Black said 'Fuck'? …forty-two."), forcing him to record at the Warner Theater (which, according to Lew, has an "eighty-fuck limit.")
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    • He has also joked on The Carnegie Hall Performance that when performing at Carnegie Hall, "I'm only allowed to say 'fuck' twelve times." He ends up saying it at least 75 times across both discs.
  • George Carlin had a bit in the seventies about the word itself, where at one point, he launches into a hilariously hostile Cluster F-Bomb: "Don't fuck with me you'll get fucked I'm the fucker don't fuck with the fucker! Fuck you and everyone that looks like you!"
  • And, dear gods, Josie Long.
  • Heath Franklin's impersonation of Chopper Read is known for his constant swearing.
  • Bill Hicks did this a lot.
  • During Bill Burr's epic 12-minute rant at the Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus Comedy Tour's 2006 stop in Philadelphia, he used the word "fuck", "fucking", or "motherfucker" over 130 times, with the occasional "shit", "asshole", "Goddamn", and "cunt" for spice.
  • While Margaret Cho is no stranger to profanity herself, in Assassin she describes a letter she got after criticizing then-president George W. Bush. It started with "GOOK CHINK CUNT FUCKING DIE!" and got even more… poetic from there. To top it all off, it ended with "Jesus saves."
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  • Tim Minchin's Fuck the Motherfucker.
  • Bob Saget of all people during his stand up acts. 9/10 viewers suffer from a destroyed childhood right after.
  • Sean Lock has a joke in which he claims many swear words in the English language came into existence in 1066 during the battle of Hastings, at the moment when King Harold was shot through the eye by a Norman archer. It goes something like this:
    Harold: Aaaaaargh! Right In the fucking eye! That's fucked up my fucking day! Oh bollocks, shit, wanker, arse, cunt…
    English Nobleman: There's no need for that kind of language, sire!
    Harold: Are you fucking kidding me!? Look at my fucking face! I've got a fucking arrow! Right in my fucking eye! And anyway, I'm the fucking king! I'll say whatever the fuck I want! Come over here, I'll stick it up your arse!
  • The Derek and Clive performances of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook are one long unrelenting cluster F-Strike, with the added napalm of lots and lots of references to Country Matters. Cook and Moore originally used this to present material thought, with good reason, to be too inflammatory or taboo-breaking for TV and appear to take unholy glee in pushing back the boundaries of good taste.
  • In one old joke, someone describes how he met a woman at a bar and got friendly enough to be invited to spend the night with her. The narrator drops f-bombs every third word or so until the story concludes with "...and we had sexual intercourse".

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