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Races & Classes


Homeworld: Earth

Other Systems: Alpha Centauri, Proxima Centauri, Tau Ceti, 61 Cygni

Associated Class: Trader

Humans from Earth. Terran society is highly corporate in nature.


    Terran Trader (Pure Trader) 

Faction: InfinitiCorps

Starting Sector: High Earth

  • An Adventurer Is You:
    • The Healer: Traders can recharge allies' shields.
    • Non-Action Guy: Traders are really not meant for combat. Mostly they fly around doing trade runs and building equipment. One of their abilities is even meant to make mobs more friendly.

    Terran Enforcer (Warrior/Trader) 

Faction: EarthCorps

Starting Sector: Luna

  • An Adventurer Is You:
    • The Archer: Enforcers generally use their missiles to stay at a distance.
    • The Debuffer: They have more debuffs than other warrior classes.
    • The Tank: The second toughest class, and they have the Enrage ability to force enemies to attack them.

    Terran Scout (Explorer/Trader) 

Faction: GETCo

Starting Sector: Equatorial Earth

  • An Adventurer Is You:
    • The Healer: Arguably the best in the game. All Explorers can jumpstart an incapacitated ship, but Scouts can also repair ships that are still in the fight.



Homeworld: Mars

Other Systems: Altair, Deneb, Gallina, Vega

Associated Class: Warrior

Humans who settled Mars. The Progen have a militaristic society, and make extensive use of genetic engineering.

    Progen Warrior (Pure Warrior) 

Faction: Centuriata

Starting Sector: Mars Alpha

  • An Adventurer Is You:
    • The DPS: The main job of the Warrior. Warriors can choose to specialize in different types of combat by fitting different weapons, although their abilities generally lean towards moderate or close range.
    • The Tank: Warriors are the toughest class. They also have the Enrage ability to force enemies to attack them.
  • Taking You with Me: The Self Destruct ability.

    Progen Sentinel (Explorer/Warrior) 

Faction: Sabine

Starting Sector: Mars Beta

    Progen Privateer (Trader/Warrior) 

Faction: Collegia

Starting Sector: Mars Gamma



Homeworld: Jupiter

Other Systems: Antares, Capella, Castor, Sirius

Associated Class: Explorer

Humans who settled Jupiter. The Jenquai are deeply mystical, and also have a serious beef with the Progen over the slaughter of Jove City during the Gate Wars.

    Jenquai Explorer (Pure Explorer) 

Faction: Sha'ha'dem

Starting Sector: Io

  • An Adventurer Is You:
    • Backstabber: If an Explorer has to fight, this is the way.
    • Non-Action Guy: Like the Terran Trader, Explorers are not meant for combat.
  • Our Wormholes Are Different: Explorers can generate wormholes, allowing them to teleport themselves and their friends to a set of predetermined locations throughout the galaxy (about half of which are in Jenquai space). Unfortunately, wormholes damage any trade goods being carried, so you can't use them to do trade runs faster than a Trader.

    Jenquai Defender (Warrior/Explorer) 

Faction: Shinwa

Starting Sector: Europa

    Jenquai Seeker (Trader/Explorer) 

Faction: Sharim

Starting Sector: Ganymede


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