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Characters / Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg

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    Main Characters 

Marlone "Marie"

A student at the Salburg Academy, a school that is renown for its studies in magic and alchemy. Unfortunately, Marie is notorious for being the worst student at the academy, and achieving the worst grades in the school's history. Once it's known that Marie is not improving, she is given her own workshop by her instructor Ingrid as an alternative method to learning alchemy. She is given five years to improve, and can enlist the help of many adventurers and friends throughout her journey. In that time, if she is able to synthesize an item that meets Ingrid's standards, she will be able to graduate as a full fledged alchemist.

Enderk Jad

The Commanding Officer of the Royal Guard, who is also regarded as the most powerful knight in the entire kingdom. Despite the mass popularity that he has gained, Enderk doesn't let the fame interfere with his work. He is a very modest and hard working individual.

Hallesch Sleiman

An adventurer available for hire. He is a well mannered and friendly person with a strong respect for the law. He once aspired to be a knight, but felt that he wasn't strong enough to fill the position.

Kreis Kuhl

Salburg alchemy academy's top student during Marie's school time. He and Marie constantly argue, but despite this the two seem to consider each other as friends.

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Though that the two mainly seem to communicate in insults towards one another, Kreis seemingly develops a crush on Marie throughout the Salburg series.

Kugel Richter

Kugel spent most of his life in the Royal Guard, and had a long career as a knight. He spent years perfecting his technique with a lance, but noticed his skills started to diminish with age. Although he is now retired, he is far from relaxed. Unable to live down a live of excitement, Kugel became an adventurer.

It's not well known that Kugel's true idenity is Kugel Schenk, the younger brother of Dio Schenk. After the two brothers got into an argument years ago, Kugel promptly changed his last name and cut his family ties.

Kyrielich Fagnah

A mysterious female knight who is graceful with a rapier.

  • Archnemesis Dad: Her goal is to defeat her father, the ruler of Airfolk Tower.
  • Ascended Extra: She returns in the spin-off game Atelier Marie, Elie & Anis, and plays a bigger role in the Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist manga.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Kyrie confesses that she is actually half demon if she is in the party when Marie defeats the demon in Airfolk Tower.

My Sextans

My (pronounced "Myu") is an exotic woman who hails from lands south of Salburg. She carries herself differently then those native to Salburg, and dresses in clothing that she changes often, according to her mood and the season (although she generally struggles with Salburg's colder climate compared to her native home). She is a carefree individual who is able to stay calm and collected in any situation. Like most adventurers, she is focused on constantly improving her strengths and abilities.

Natalie Kohdelia

A free spirited young woman who ran away from home to become an adventurer. Natalie was forced to fend for herself after her escape, and all of her abilities are self taught. She is incredibly agile, and prides herself on her body's small frame and light weight. She has a remarkable ability to disguise herself and to sneak around unnoticed.

  • Reformed Criminal: After Marie is able to apprehend her during her attempt to steal Flea's jewelry box, she will change her ways and soon become an adventurer Marie can hire.
  • Secret Identity: She's the mysterious female thief, Der Himmel.

Ruven Filnir

A wandering adventurer for hire. Originally from the village of Vaisen, Ruven escaped his Kindgom of Shigsal after Shigsal and Domhaid waged war against one another. At the age of five, his village was destroyed, and he was seperated from his parents. Ruven fled and eventually found his way to Salburg. Since he was separated from his parents, he still holds hope that they are alive and well. It is Ruven's dream to eventually find his parents and to reunite with them.

Schia Donnerstage

Marie's childhood friend. She is a gentle and caring person, and is always concerned about the well being of others. She is extremely close to Marie, and always offers to lend a helping hand. Schia is kind and supportive, but she is also in very poor health.

Schwalbe Satz

The leader of the organization of thieves that operate in Salburg and its surrounding countries. As a thief, he is naturally quick and silent. He is an unusually quiet individual, and carries his acts through in a cold and calculated manner. He does not hesitate to take care of anybody who stands in his way.

  • Defeat Means Friendship: If Marie finds his hideout in Meyer Cave and defeats him in battle, he will later visit Marie's workshop, informing her that he's now become an adventurer she can hire.

    Other Characters 

Aula Kuhl

Kreis' sister. Like him, Aula shows high levels of intelligence and has a calm demeanor. She works at the academy's store where Marie can purchase new books and an array of other items. She also acts as chief of the academy; after graduating, it was clear that she was a valuable asset, and she was promoted.

  • Put on a Bus: After Marie, she does not appear again in the Salburg series, as Luise Lawrencium replaces her as the academy's shopkeeper.

Bredolf Schigsal

The prince, later king, of Schigsal kingdom. He often sneaks out from the castle and walks around the city of Salburg, visiting ordinary places such as the bar.

Bukiya no Oyaji (Weapon Shop Old Man)/ Gerhard

The blacksmith who makes weapons for soldiers and adventurers. At one point in his life, Bukiya was also an adventurer who traveled alongside Dio Schenk. When the two retired from adventuring, Bukiya started up his own weapon shop.

  • Legacy Character: He is sometimes counted as a version of Hagel Boldness, due to his job and baldness, despite statements that they are not the same person.


The eldest fairy, considered the leader of faeries. His true age is unknown, but he has been alive longer than Salburg has existed. Chourou is very wise and has witnessed many important historical events.

Dio Schenk

The owner of Salburg's tavern, the "Hasty Hideaway". He was once a seasoned adventurer who went on adventures with the blacksmith Bukiya no Oyaji. As he aged, he got tired of adventuring, and decided that he wanted to live a more relaxing life. This lead him to run the tavern with his only daughter Flea.

  • Overprotective Dad: Dio worries that the young men only come to the tavern to flirt with his daughter, and he can be somewhat intimidating towards anybody who poses a potential threat to her.


The headmaster of the Salburg Academy. His skills in alchemy are the best in the entire kingdom, although it may not seem like it with his age. He came to Salburg from El Bador long ago alongside Ingrid, Hermina and Lilie. Because he is from El Bador, his irises are two different colors. He has a love of alchemy and watches over his students carefully.

Flea Schenk

Flea (pronounced "Flay-ah") is the bar manager at the town's tavern. She is a friendly and gentle young woman who attracts the attention of many young men living in town. She is the only daughter of the tavern's owner Dio, and her overprotective father watches over her actions closely. Because of her father's watchful eye, Flea's flirtatious nature allows her to work in safety.


An instructor at the Salburg Academy working under Headmaster Dornier, who she is close acquaintances with. Through years of experience, Ingrid has grown to become a talented alchemist who passes her knowledge on to her students. She is the professor assigned to Marie, who is known to be the worst student in the entire academy. Frustrated with Marie's inability to grasp the concepts of alchemy, Ingrid decides to try an alternate teaching method.

Wind Schigsal

The 8th King of the Schigsal Kingdom. He used to spend all his time leading the royal knights in battle, but left it as his first son, Bredolf, was born.

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