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What do you get when you put together six Awesome Aussies and make them play a mixture of drum and bass, electronic rock and alternative metal? You get the bone-breaking awesomeness that is known as Pendulum.

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     Hold Your Colour 
Hold Your Colour was the album that changed forever the landscape of drum and bass.

     In Silico 
In Silico perfectly blends drum and bass with electronic rock and alternative metal.
  • "Midnight Runner". A soft first 2:36 minutes, then suddenly the song slams into fast-paced, DNB frenzy. It'll make you want to go outside on the street at night and fight some bad guys.
  • "The Other Side", a fast-paced, vocoder-heavy song about Mind Control and Demonic Possession that is just so damn catchy.
  • "Mutiny" is by far Pendulum's most unusual song, eschewing drum and bass for slower, but still extremely aggressive hard rock. The tempo change at the end will catch you off guard in the best way possible.
  • "The Tempest", the album closer to In Silico, progresses from a soft bass guitar driven intro to four minutes of hard rock. Then the song tops it off with two minutes of intense Drum and Bass.

Immersion might as well just become the new gold standard album of drum and bass.

     Live at Brixton Academy 
  • While "Different" already sounds awesome, somehow it manages to sound just as good, if not better, live, particularly the more audible bass.
  • "Midnight Runner" sounds mostly the same as the studio version in the first half. The second half? Added electric guitar and heavy synth make for a mind-annihilating second half.


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