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Monster's OST has an incredibly atmospheric soundtrack that just elevates the tension in every episode.

  • "Grain", the series opening, has to be one of the best themes for any series.
  • "It's a Long Way to Go" plays in the truly uplifting moments, where the very noblest traits of humanity are shown.
  • The ending themes are great too. "For the Love of Life" fits Johan perfectly, whereas "Make It Home" seems to fit Tenma very well.
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  • "Twin" can give anyone claustrophobia.
  • "Nacht Tour" sounds remarkably like it was written by Tom Waits.
  • "The Seeds of Time" is easily one of the best tracks in the OST. It's one of Kuniaki Haishima's masterpieces and is the theme that lets you know "he's" here. The best part is probably the transition at the end.
  • "Than One" is the most peaceful sounding track in the show. It plays during the moments that show the beauty of life.
  • "Our Destination Calls" is basically Monster's "shit's going down" song. Whenever this plays, you know something is going to happen.
  • "Xenia" is one of the creepiest tracks in the series. It serves as the theme for 511 Kinderheim making the already unsettling orphanage even creepier.
  • "Twin" is definitely the most ominous sounding tracks in the show. It normally plays when something horrifying is being revealed, and sounds like you're being dragged to hell by demons.
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  • "What Do I See" is probably the most epic song in the entire OST. It olays during many of the shows's most iconic moments and normally plays during the most intense moments. You can literally feel the intensity.
  • "We'll be waiting for the night" is probably, along with "Cannot Hear", one of the show's saddest tracks. Especially during the scene when it was played Grimmer's Death.
  • Cannot Hear is one of the show's saddest songs and probably fits best as the theme for the show. It invokes a feeling of terror in some and a feeling of sadness in others. Helps that it was played during Nina reading The Nameless Monster in the Japanese version.

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