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  • Dieter, walking away from the abusive foster-father who tells him he'll never make it in the big bad world: "Dr. Tenma said tomorrow will be a good day."
  • Tenma. That's it.
  • The orphanage boys grouping together to try and prove Grimmer's innocence to the police—and leaving him their favorite soccer card as a gift.
  • The crazy-expensive, hot-shot lawyer Fritz Vardemann being hired by... Tenma's former patients.
    • And this only after rejecting an earlier offer to retain him for Tenma by people that could pay him far more.
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  • Tenma's gun teacher and his adoptive daughter finally reaching out to each other, thanks to Tenma's niku-jaga and a problem with chopsticks.
  • Tenma and Grimmer rescuing Milosh on the bridge. Also something of a Sadness Crowner, both for what Milosh has been through and because Grimmer has to ask Tenma what he is feeling: "You're crying."
  • Dieter, talking another kid away from a roof-edge and spoiling one of Johan's ugliest schemes. Works even though the other kid has done just about all he can to put the reader off him by then.
  • Vardeman, Suk and Lunge meeting at Grimmer's grave. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker, not least for the way the inspector brings along the beer they never got to have together.
  • Eva ordering coffee.
    • For context, she's a careless alcoholic for most of the series. Her changing her order from scotch to coffee marks the first step toward her recovery.
  • Dieter deciding to follow Tenma.
    • Even sweeter, the heavy implication that he sees Tenma as a father-figure. Tenma's a good dad.
  • Nina, Dieter, and Lipski dealing with their collective horrible memories by spending a fun, tourist-y day in Prague making good memories for themselves.
  • Lunge going out of his way to compliment Wim's new bike.
  • Karl taking Schubert, a blind, bitter, aged billionaire, out to a desolate construction site that used to be his favorite spot, lush with greenery and with a giant lake. Karl almost tells him that it has been destroyed during construction, but Johan hands Schubert a single, sand-covered apple, telling him that it has fallen off a nearby tree. Schubert is moved to tears of joy upon eating the apple, telling his companions that he can see his beloved lake perfectly clearly (complete with birds chirping). Especially poignant when one considers that this is Johan we're talking about, even if he is doing it with ultimately insidious and destructive intent.
    • Later in the same arc, Johan takes it upon himself to present the evidence to Schubert that proves Karl is actually his long-lost son, reuniting the two of them. Even though Johan does this with the intention of getting into Schubert's good graces so that he can be entrusted with running his financial affairs before subsequently having him assassinated and taking over his business empire, it is shown that he could just as easily have tried pawning himself off as Schubert's son using the acquired evidence (which Schubert outright states he would have believed), but chose not to in favor of bringing Karl back together with his father.
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  • In Ruhenheim:
    Lunge: Dr. Tenma... I'm sorry.
  • The guy with the five spoonfuls of sugar belongs here, too.
  • Several of Tenma's previous patients blocking the hallway and allowing him time to get away. Later we see that they're all still working hard trying to prove his innocence.
  • After several occasions of Tenma leaving the restaurant leaving his food uneaten, the somewhat-grumpy waitress makes him eat a bowl of soup on the house.
  • Nina, Dieter, and Lipsky spend a day making fun memories for themselves throughout Prague, then Lipsky shows them his new puppet show based on Nina, that he wants to have a happy ending.
  • Verdeman lost all faith in humanity when he discovered his beloved father was a Communist spy. Then he discovered that his father advised one of the boys from the Red Rose Mansion reading seminars to escape from them. The boy took his advice, and in stark contrast to the rest of the children who went to the seminars, he has become a happy, well-adjusted adult.
  • Dieter, period.
  • Nina comes very close to shooting herself in the head, but Tenma reaches her in time. He carefully pulls the gun away from her, holds her tightly in his arms, and delivers a touching speech about how much she means to him.
  • The couple introduced in the Ruhenheim episodes, Henning and Franka, holding each other near the end of the series. Considering how they always bickered, even when first introduced, and Franka's obsession with winning the lottery and blaming her husband for not having enough money, after the Ruhenheim massacre is finally stopped and the police come their reconciliation is heartwarming. Seeing her husband go off in a hurry to find and get back her winning lottery ticket, Franka desperately calls after him: "Honey, it's okay! We don't need it. I am content to live this way, it's enough for me." Then they finally smile at each other through tears and embrace. Even the policeman that was asking them for IDs just smiles and walks off, saying they can show them to him later.
  • At the end it shows that all the characters are starting to put their lives back together. This is especially poignant with Nina after every horrible thing she's been through and how much her brother has tried to psychologically break her. She's set to become a lawyer and seems to be enjoying her life again.
  • Even after everything that Johan has done to her, Nina genuinely forgiving Johan can be considered a heartwarming moment. The entire series, she's been hunting him down and set to kill him, but Nina actually finding it in her heart to forgive Johan is heartwarming in itself.
  • In her interview in Another Monster, it's shown that Eva still continues to order coffee over alcohol after three years. D'aww.
  • As Tenma passes Lunge in the police station after being arrested, Lunge hint to him that the best thing he can do during interrogation is to show no emotions and say nothing. After doggedly pursuing Tenma throughout the whole series, it is the first time he shows that he believes that Tenma is not guilty.
  • The time where Nina/Anna visits her old friend and father-figure Mr. Rosso, owner of an Italian restaurant and ex-hitman, was very heartwarming and a nice breather from all the tension and suspense of the story.
  • Throughout the series, Nina has had momentary flashbacks of an unknown, menacing-looking man (implied to be one of the people who experimented on her and her brother) reaching for her and saying, "People can become anything." Towards the end of the series, it's revealed that this was Franz Bonaparta, having a change of heart and letting Young!Nina go free. He was reaching out to give her a comforting caress to the face.


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