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Fighters' Impact has a very unique soundtrack. It's known for its competent, rhythmic, dark, upbeat, and beautifully moody atmosphere. The game's music is composed by Yasuhisa Watanabe from Taito's Zuntata team, who's known for his work in Taito's games such as Border Down, The Ninja Warriors, Global Champion, Metal Black, and the Street Fighter EX series.

  • Shiroh's Theme, "Away Game", is easily the most upbeat, peaceful, and motivational song in the game. It represents Shiroh's desire to train and hone his skills, travel around the world and meet other fighters, and experience life to its fullest.
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  • Kaede's Theme, "Ancient City -Koto-", is a very beautiful and action-oriented song. It starts off with the Japanese koto playing in the background, then they mix it together with some 90s jam. "Turn me up!!"
  • Silene's Theme, "Angel Beat", is very action oriented and motivational, yet at the same time, it's beautifully relaxing.
  • Hornet's Theme, "Major Flight", holds a strong and powerful atmospheric, aerial-like tone from within its synthesized theme as it sounds to be very closely related to the sky itself and the imaginative aspect of having to fly through it as well (which is quite fitting very well given both the song's official title name and Hornet's stage from upon a rooftop skyscraper).
  • Mark's Theme, "Sunny", starts off with an upbeat and jazzy feel, then switches to a guitar, drums, and saxophone when it gets serious.
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  • Sanson's Theme, "Be Cool", invokes and embodies a modern and energetic Spanish salsa-like beat with a smooth harmonica-like tone halfway through and toe-tapping Spanish guitar playing that truly empathizes the salsa-like aspect of the song itself.
  • Bernhard's Theme, "Human Complex", starts out calm and peaceful with a soothing atmospheric tone that can easily allow anyone to feel completely relaxed and at ease, but it soon switches over to a high energetic and pulse-pounding techno beat as the song itself literally screams "survive or die", with the added touch of a mesmerizing piano piece right after the techno beat itself.
  • Yukiwo's Theme, "Dead Lock", sounds like a level from a Japanese shoot-em-up game. It starts off with an ominous bass followed by edgy drums and percussion. Then the guitar starts playing followed by various synths when the song itself gets serious.
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  • Dr. Wiz's Theme, "Evil Shadow -Magic-," is quite easily the most mysterious and ominous song in the game. Makes sense when you fight Dr. Wiz in what appears to be a parallel dimensional world.
  • Raoul and Hoihoi's Theme, "Against Time -Valet- (First Visitor)", is the sub-boss theme. Whenever Raoul or Hoihoi show up, that's when things are about to go down.
  • Faraha's Theme, "Sympathy -Delirium-", gives off a mysterious, yet calm and mystical atmosphere. Fitting for the boss fight as Faraha continues to calmly intercept her opponent's movements and attacks with her "automatic sidesteps".
  • Barazock's Theme, "Light and Dark -Curse-", is exactly what you expect from a final boss. An action oriented, climactic final battle theme song. It starts off with a ominous dark tone, goes into a upbeat and peaceful tone, and finally the heroic-climactic battle tone.