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Who will be the true winner?
A Japan only Fighting Game developed by Polygon Magic and published in 1996 by The Taito Corporation for the PlayStation. It would later be released in the arcades in Japan in 1997 under the title Fighters' Impact A.

The combat system seems to be reminiscent to that of Virtua Fighter, but it features a so-called "motion slide combo" system, which gives players the freedom to come up with their own combos. Technically, any move can be cancelled into any other move. However, using the same move twice within a combo string will cause your character to "overheat", leaving them momentarily unable to attack. Furthermore, getting hit while in the heat state will stun your character and leave them open for further attacks. The system simultaneously allows newcomers to play an effective offensive game, penalizes button mashing and enables all kinds of high-level combos. After the fighting game craze eventually dwindled, developers have been working hard at striking a balance between depth and accessibility.

The game is notable for how it was brought over to the West. Wanting to cash in on the 90s fighting game craze, THQ went to Polygon Magic and had them create an "Americanized" version of the game called Vs.. The game featured a new cast with designs by Marvel Comics artist Kurtis Fujita.


The game is worth tracking down for serious fighting game fans.

This Game Provides Examples Of:

  • Action Girl: Both Kaede and Silene.
  • Adaptation Distillation: THQ had Polygon Magic Macekre the game to create Vs..
  • All There in the Manual: Just like Virtua Fighter, the original Dead or Alive, and the lesser known Kensei: Sacred Fist. There is a plot, just not present in the game.
  • Anime Hair: The entire cast hair have they own distinctive hair. Shiroh has front spiky hair, Kaede has normal, long and traditional, black anime hair, Silene has fairly long blond hair with round curls that resembles a circular tube, Bernhard has white hair with front high-top, Hornet has unusual spiked hair on the sides and back with a flat-topped, reversed mohawk fade on top, both Yukiwo and Hoihoi have antenna hair, Raoul's hair resembles a swallow' tail, and Barazock has long white hair.
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  • Awesomeness by Analysis: The Final Boss, Barazock can learn any fighting style or techniques from anyone that lands a blow on him. He does have some original moves of his own.
  • Beast Man: Yukiwo is a sewer dwelling mutant who fights with an unorthodox primal-like fighting style.
  • Ditto Fighter: Dr. Wiz can turn into any fighter. Wiz himself however is unplayable.
  • Extremity Extremist: Sanson Victoria, specializes in Tae Kwon do as his main style.
  • Freudian Excuse: The Big Bad, Barazock has an insane hatred of all martial artists after losing his eyesight to a martial artist he fought long ago. Killing and kidnapping their loved ones is probably just his way of coping with it.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Mark Douglass' main fighting style is street fighting and is the hardest hitting fighter in the game.
  • Groin Attack: Silene takes the cake for this, being the only character who knees her opponent in the groin.
  • The Hero: Shiroh, The hot-blooded young kung fu guy with ridiculous spiky hair.
  • I Have Your Wife: The Big Bad has kidnapped the loved ones of the heroes. Kaede's father, Mark's girlfriend, and Hornet's brother.
  • Mini-Boss: Raoul, an aristocrat who uses his own unique and lethal style of karate, and Hoihoi who uses his own unique wrestling style.
  • Professional Killer: Bernhard Sheler is an international terrorist who specializes in assassination, he is responsible for blinding Barazock and he has been hired to put him down for good.
  • Revenge: Some of the heroes want revenge on the Big Bad. Silene's partner was killed while investigating Barazock, Sanson's family was murdered, and Yukiwo wants to kill Barazock for kicking him out of his gang.
  • Stance System: Most of the default characters (except Yukiwo) have three selectable fighting styles. One main style and two sub-styles. The boss characters and the final boss only have one fighting style.
  • Stripperiffic: Mia, the poster girl for Vs., is this to a hilarious degree, fighting in a top with her Underboobs hanging out and her pants hanging low enough to show off her panties.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Mostly Hornet Grant and Hoihoi since they both use the main style, wrestling. Silene and Mark also counts if you select their wrestling sub-styles.