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  • The video for "Ode To Sleep", which documents the band's ascending fame through three years worth of concert footage. The dramatic contrast between the first show, with an audience of twelve people, Josh wearing a goofy gorilla suit, and Tyler visibly having difficulty getting the crowd energized, and the final show, with an audience of twelve thousand people all passionately singing along, poignantly demonstrates the fruits of the band's talent and dedication.
    • Making it even sweeter: Tyler is wearing the same skeleton hoodie in both the first and last concert.
  • The boys are renowned for their incredible high-energy live shows. Highlights of almost every performance:
    • Josh performing a solo on a drum set held up by the audience ("Semi-Automatic", "Ride", "Morph").
    • Tyler climbing high up on some part of the venue to sing (usually "Car Radio").
    • Tyler standing on the crowd and singing part of a song (usually "Holding On To You", sometimes "Heavydirtysoul").
    • Josh backflipping off the piano during "Holding On To You".
    • Tyler and Josh pounding on drums covered in water atop the crowd to wrap up the show ("Trees").
  • Signing To Fueled By Ramen, in which Tyler gives one heck of an inspirational speech about the importance of hard work, dedication, and humility.
    Tyler: Don't give up. Push through the droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments back into your craft. Break molds. Think. Create. But most importantly: stay alive. And in the meantime, make it about others. That seems to work. Stay strong. Live on. And power to the local dreamer.
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  • Blurryface's parts in "Heathens". All he says is two words ("watch it"), and it'll send chills down your spine each time.
  • The video for "Heavydirtysoul" especially near the end where Tyler gets out of the car while it's on fire and singing the rest of the song with Josh as the car explodes behind them.
  • "Stressed Out" is officially the first song in Fueled by Ramen's history to receive one billion views on YouTube. "Heathens" has since become the second.
  • "House of Gold" has been covered live by Coldplay. Once by just Chris with his child Moses, and again at an arena show.
  • Prior to his death, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington was an outspoken member of the Clique.
  • Their Grammy win for "Stressed Out", even if the most memorable moment of their win was them accepting the award in their underwear.
  • Tyler began writing "Holding On To You" while the band's first incarnation was beginning to fall apart and he struggled with fears that his dream of making music was doomed to failure. The song became the band's first hit. You can hear Tyler reflect on that here.


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