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Nightmare Fuel / Twenty One Pilots

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  • The video for "House of Gold" implies that Tyler and Josh got cut in half in a farming accident. Just try to think about how horrific of an accident it would have to be to do that...
    • Josh is shown on the ground and in agony, crawls underneath a truck.
    • The ending of the video full stop with Josh being shown on the ground slumped against the truck and Tyler and the ukulele falling to the ground after the sun sets while an unknown woman watches from a nearby house. Deeply unsettling.
  • The video for "Holding Onto You", in a Surreal Horror kind of way.
  • The video for "Fairly Local" features the arrival of the album's namesake, Blurryface, who/which makes its appearance by changing Tyler's voice midway through the song and even changing the color scheme of the video. Some listeners found that a deeper version of Tyler's voice also appeared after the rap portion of "Screen," which means that whoever/whatever Blurryface is, it's been here far longer than anyone previously thought. Yikes.
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  • "Two", an unreleased song from the Regional At Best era, it's infamous for being this. The vague lyrics and general feel of the music are known to leave lots of listeners with a feeling of anxiety afterwards. In a bizarre twist, those who can listen to it without feeling anxious tend to place the song in a completely different trope entirely. Nearly everyone seems to agree it's a Tear Jerker, though.
  • It's probably already obvious from the fact that it's attached to Suicide Squad (2016), but "Heathens" is appropriately creepy as fuck. The lyrics, which seem to be warning people about the titular squad from a squad member, Tyler's dreary tone of voice, and minimalist, ominous tone of the song make for a perfect Villain Song. The last four lines in particular sound desperate, as if whatever member of the squad its viewpoint is from is crying for help.
  • The Emotional Roadshow visuals pretty much as a whole.
    • Even the intro is horrifying, with a Nightmare Face that's presumed to be Blurryface reciting the distorted chorus of Fairly Local. And the song ends with the sound of a gunshot.
    • Graphics that appeared with "Hometown" were primarily a white rabbit being attacked and chased by a fiery orange demon-like THING that very nearly caught it. All with a graphic style reminiscent of some old horror films or descriptions of some nightmares.
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    • The visuals for "Mesmerize" (A fusion of Message Man and Polarize) has some freaky abstract imagery, including tentacles and a skull.
    • "Heathens" is surprisingly tame, but the dark backgrounds and neon lights, along with the droning vocals can make it quite unsettling.
    • The visuals for "We Don't Believe What's On TV" end up as seizure-inducing patterns during the "Yeah Yeah Yeah!" parts, and the pre-chorus ends with the flower print glitching out. And at the end, all of the effects come together in a swirl of chaos sure to make you at least confused, if not unsettled.
    • "Screen/The Judge" has a moment where a picture of Josh's disembodied head with red glowing eyes in space opens his mouth to reveal what appears to be a purple supernova. This varies, however, as some find it Nightmare Retardant.
    • The "Lane Boy" visuals start with a demonic voice describing being controlled by temptation. The rest of the animation isn't much better, as it contains figures that are completely white except for their red hands and necks, and the video then ends with a staticy image of a gas mask with red tentacles coming from it.
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    • "Ode to Sleep" starts off with a red flickering skull in a spider's web, and also contains superimposed footage of actual spiders along with CG ones. There's also a red screen being covered by pure black whenever Tyler says "The dark's not taking prisoners tonight."
    • The Cancer section of "Addict With A Pen/Cancer" involves books flying off shelves, and appearing to have lyrics written in blood on them.
    • The chorus and outro of "Holding Onto You" are accompanied by a horde of dancing skeletons with Frankenstein-esque hair/top of their skulls.
  • The demo version of "Goner" is accompanied by an accordion that creates this strange creaking noise in between chords that has been speculated to emulate breathing or, far more eerily, a noose tightening around someone's neck.
    • The video is worse. Highlights include Tyler arguing with himself and the sounds from "Heavydirtysoul" playing at the end of the song.
  • The music video of "Ride" is somewhat creepy, especially the long, tracking shots of dark woods a night, a star and moonless sky, Tyler standing with his back to the camera in pitch blackness, and hands coming out of the dark to put sunglasses on the guys. Come to think of it, this reminds me of something...
  • While the song "Migraine" is a pure tearjerker, the last line of the song is utterly disturbing due to the fact that it ends in mid-sentence. Instead of Tyler saying the line "we made it this far" like before, all he says is "we made it this f-". Only God knows what happened after.
  • Tyler screaming in his songs sounds terrifying when compared to his normal vocals. Some examples include:
    • Screaming the last line in "The Run & Go" in comparison to the song's upbeat sound.
    • Screaming near the end of "Fairly Local" and "Goner".
    • Tyler screaming the bridge in "Car Radio" is both tearjerking and utterly horrifying to hear.
    • Screaming the chorus in the song "Save".
    • The brief line Tyler belts out in "House of Gold".
    • Screaming out HELLO! at the end of "Trees".
  • The video for "Heavydirtysoul". Special mention goes to:
    • Tyler trapped inside a speeding car that is hurtling towards Josh.
    • Josh's drum kit catches fire after the car narrowly misses him, yet he continues to play.
    • Initially, the car Tyler is trapped in has no driver. In one shot, Blurryface is at the wheel, but when the driver's seat is shown again, he is no longer there...
    • The car is riddled with what seems to be bullet holes and is slowly torn apart throughout the video, eventually catching on fire and exploding when Tyler narrowly escapes.
    • The last shot shows Tyler back in the car, while Josh is nowhere to be seen....
  • While the Blurryface album's ending insinuates the defeat of the titular character, some disconcerting information began to surface around the end of the album's era that suggests the character will always still be around. Primarily, a magazine interview with Tyler was released where he was quoted saying "Blurryface won't leave until I'm in the ground", and his pre-"Trees" speech at the final Blurryface-era show ever implied at one moment that although Tyler would stop dressing as Blurryface, it probably wouldn't be the last time he'd ever see him. It's equal parts haunting and sad.
    • And now, given Blurryface has been confirmed to be included in the Trench lore as one of the nine bishops of Dema, he still isn't going anywhere.
  • The entire website is this, far more than even the Blurryface concept.
    • The name and layout of Dema seem to be based on Towers of Silence, locations where dead bodies are left to be exposed to the elements. The page juxtaposes the image of vultures perched on the edge of one of these structures to another of twenty one mysterious figures- potentially the "Watchers" of Clancy's journals- standing on a cliff, perhaps also ready to swoop down on helpless prey.
    • Clancy's journals describe the city of Dema as run by a dogmatic theocracy that keeps its citizens locked in the "concrete coffin" of the city walls. References are made to the bishops "smearing" citizens who show signs of individuality, taking the light from their eyes. The video for "Jumpsuit" reveals what this smearing is: the bishops apply the Blurryface makeup to the subject's neck.
    • After escaping Dema, Clancy's journals shift from clean type to messy handwriting on scraps of paper. The first of these appears to have been scrawled on the back of a photo of a dead body.
  • The appearance of the red-cloaked figure in the "Jumpsuit" music video is eerie to say the least. The bishop, an old man with black and white face-paint visible under his veil, relentlessly pursues Tyler on horseback, attempts to brainwash him into returning to Dema, and ultimately captures him.
  • The video for "Levitate" depicts Tyler celebrating his escape from Dema with Josh and the Banditos only for a bishop to snatch him away. The other Banditos sitting with him around the fire do nothing to intervene. One looks nervously at another, who only stares straight ahead and says "Welcome to Trench," implying that some of the Banditos might be working for Dema. The video ends with Tyler being dragged off into the night presumably back to Dema to do who knows what to him.


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