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Tyler Joseph is really Tyler Bennington from the future.

Traumatized by his father’s untimely death when he was 11, Tyler grows up to be a musician in much the same style. When time travel is invented, he sees a way to make Chester proud of him.

  • He traveled to the mid-2000s, when Linkin Park and other bands were at their height, so as to blend in.
  • He named the band partially as a tribute to Chester’s time in Stone Temple Pilots .
  • To help prevent a paradox, he chose his new last name, Joseph, after his father's bandmate Joe Hahn.
  • If Tyler went back in time, how come the chorus to "Stressed Out" says he can't?
    • Because it hasn't been invented yet.
  • Seems to be either Jossed or a paradox because Tyler Bennington, age 12 is more than aware of TOP's existence.

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