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Awesome / Transformers: Shattered Glass

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  • Optimus and Megatron are still complete badasses no matter what reality they're from.
    Optimus: How sad that you believe that!
    • A really good moment that stands out, after just meeting him of few hours before. Megatron took a shot meant for Cliffjumper and lived to continue fighting.
    Megatron: (takes a shot at Optimus as he rants upon the destruction of the Ark) Stick it in neutral Optimus! The day belongs to the Decepticons!
  • One moment definitely stands out for Optimus Prime. A group of Autobots working for Rodimus attempt to launch a coup against the boss himself. Prime is far from impressed, and simply wipes the floor with the upstarts by himself.
  • In "Do Over", Megatron manages to accidentally have one of the Autobots' Targetmasters take over control of his arm. Prime then turns the tables by stealing Megatron's own Empathic Weapon, activating its sword, and attacking. Megatron maneuvers his body so that Prime slices off the hand that's been possessed (and Megatron's reaction suggests that yes, robots can feel pain), cracks Prime's faceplate with his severed wrist, takes back control of his weapon, and faces Prime down into surrender while still literally one-handed. Badass Bookworm, indeed.
  • "Eye in the Sky" adds on more moments. At one point Heatwave is in his missle truck mode being chased at high speed by a bunch of murderous Scrounges. Suddenly Soundwave breaks through a nearby wall in van mode right in Heatwave's path, going too quickly for either to stop before they collide head on. So he transforms... with his transformation sequence sending him sailing over Heatwave in a perfect somersault to land right between him and the Scrounges in one smooth move. He then opens up his speaker system tuned to a local Earth "Non Stop Classic Rock Block" station, and proceeds to blast the Scrounges into careening out of control with The Power of Rock.
    • Later on, however, Heatwave gets a Awesome Moment of his own when he hacks into a heavily-secured human Kill Sat controller and uses it to spectacularly blow up an Autobot-hijacked human military base by, essentially, asking the controller nicely.
  • Nexus Prime going into space to deal with a deadly missile Omega Doom fired at the sun during a battle. Then, returning to Cybertron after dealing with said missile, just to lay the smackdown on Omega Doom himself.
  • Near the end of "Out of the One, Many", after a disastrous battle on earth, en route to Cybertron. Sky Lynx announces that he doesn't have sufficient power to carry everyone back to Cybertron, and Optimus was among those who Rodimus dumped out. Floating through space, Prime finds himself in the presence of Unicron. However, what they've encountered was in fact his benevolent side, so Unicron restores Prime's sanity and rebuilds him into Nova Prime.
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  • Earth is a transformer. Her name is Gaea. And she’s on the level of Primus and Unicron. Hell yes.

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