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Give me your face!
Optimus Prime

The movie may be The Scrappy of the franchise, but its still got plenty of giant robots kicking ass!

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    Before the Title 
  • The Allspark landed on Earth about 10000 years ago, as per the last movie. That's it, right? Wrong!
    The opening shows us that the Transformers have Been There, Shaped History, around the entire world.

  • The Fallen is particular badass-looking, with a Pharaoh's beard and headdress, all made from thousands of metal shards.
    • One of the first things he does in the movie is teleport into the middle of some primitive humans' hunt, stepping on one of them, picking up another, and then he throws the poor soul so hard he is surely dead.

  • The Lock-and-Load Montage as NEST arrives on-scene. Particularly Ironhide's transformation- much like Optimus coming from the alleyway during the first film's climax, it is close-up enough to see enormous amounts of detail, but far enough out to see what parts become what. It really emphasizes the Autobot's strength and seriousness.

  • Forget Ironhide's transformation, Demolishor's is where it's at. If ever there was a scene to showcase how outmatched the humans are against the Decepticons, it's this one.

  • Sideways proves himself a Boss in Mook Clothing; it takes the Arcees, the Twins, and Sideswipe to beat him. Though Sideswipe did most of the work.
    • During the chase, the twins and Arcee are in pursuit of Sideways. As they chase him into a side street, Sideways doesn't even bother to turn. He transforms, leaps through the building directly in front of him, somersaults as he lands and transforms back into vehicle mode. Leads to a Funny Moment as Sideways goes directly through an old man's living room, leading to nothing more then a slightly confused expression from the old man. This also leads to Arcee's CMOA, as, without skipping a beat, all of her components follow him through the building and continue firing at him.
    • Sideswipe actually gets the kill though. To elaborate: Sideswipe jumps over Sideways' car mode, perforating him down the middle with bullets, then throws his sword into Sideways' hood. When he lands 0.2 seconds later, Sideswipe grabs the sword and cuts Sideways in half lengthwise, spinning into a Three-Point Landing. And gets in a Bond One-Liner.
      Sideswipe: Damn I'm good.

  • Optimus parachuting onto a freeway, then jumping from a bridge onto Demolishor's head, is one of the movie's best scenes. It helps that it's set to "Arrival to Earth".
    Optimus: Pull Over!
    • And then he headshots the guy.
      Demolishor: This is not your planet to rule. The Fallen shall rise again.
      Optimus: Not today.
      Boom, Headshot!

    Pre-Forest Fight 
  • Optimus' line to Director Galloway:
    What if we leave... and you're wrong?

  • The infiltration of Diego Garcia to steal the Allspark shard.
    1. It starts with Soundwave using his tentacles to- er... get close to a satellite, listen in on the humans' conversation, and learn of the locations of both Megatron and the shard.
    2. Then Soundwave sends Ravage down to Earth. He lands on the island's beach and is confronted by a ten foot fence. Which he promptly jumps over in one smooth, flowing movement. The shot is beautiful.
    3. Then Ravage unleashes a nanobot swarm that can make it through the base's well defended air shafts; on the other side they combine into the robot known only as 'Reedman', who is about as thin as a sheet of paper.
    4. After stealing the shard, Reedman's dynamic exit begins with him vertically bifurcating a soldier, just by running through him. Yes, through.

  • Ze Doctor! A spider-like, sadistic, and absolutely insane Decepticon who transforms into a microscope and spends time travelling in Ravage's chest compartment. The first thing we see him do is order the Constructicons to sacrifice one of their own to revive Megatron. They're far bigger and stronger than him, but they don't hesitate to turn and casually (re, brutally) tear "ze leetle one" apart.
    • Later, he uses hydra-looking slime-bots to operate on Sam's brain, extracting images of the Cyber Glyphs.

  • Mikaela hearing Wheelie in he machine shop, and then managing to capture him with a pair of tongs and a blowtorch.
    • She then lugs him all the way to Sam's college in a heavy metal box, only to throw said box at Alice's head.
    • Mikaela then gives the Decepticon Stockholm Syndrome. By way of threatening him in the sweetest, most gentle voice imaginable:
      Mikaela: I'm sorry. I'm soo sorry, about your eye. You know? But if you're a good boy... then I'm not gonna torch your other eye! Okay? I'm not gonna torch it.

  • Alice the Pretender is pretty awesome, too- in a creepy, make-you-piss-yourself-in-fear kind of way. The way she transforms from her face outwards, and then blasts through everything in her way trying to get at Sam, all while never moving faster than a walk...
    • She's described on the main page as being the unholy love-child of a Terminator and Sil. If that isn't awesome, what is?

  • Optimus' Dynamic Entry into the warehouse where the Cons are holding Sam- he drops through the ceiling and immediately opens fire.

    The Forest Fight 
All of it.

  • Optimus starts the fight by trashtalking Megatron while smacking him with a tree, abandoning it then just resorting to his fists.
    Optimus: Weak!
    Optimus: Puny!
    Optimus: Waste of metal!
    Slashes with arm sword
    Optimus: Junkyard SCRAP!

  • Shortly after, Starscream jumps at him from behind, and Optimus simply turns around and catches him by the throat in midair. Without letting go, Optimus then kicks Megatron out of the way, almost as an afterthought, then lifts Starscream upside down and kicks him right in the face.

  • Megatron pays Optimus back for it by kicking him in the mouth so hard his faceplate shatters. Then he shoots Optimus in the chest and sends him flying.

  • The following Curb-Stomp Battle sees Optimus rip off one of Starscream's arms and beat him with it.

  • Then Optimus kills the third Con (Grindor, according to other material) by leaping onto his back, digging a pair of hooks into his face, and tearing it apart. One of the most brutal fatalities in the entire franchise!
    Optimus: Piece of tin.

  • Optimus is the undisputed winner of the fight, but Megatron gets the final blow. He sneaks up behind Optimus and stabs him through the chest, then fires off his arm cannon. It blows out most of Prime's chest, killing him; not the first time Optimus has died, but certainly one of the more epic ways he goes out.

  • If you watch closely, you'll notice that Optimus is using them to confuse and confound each other's attacks, which is exactly what one is supposed to do against multiple assailants. Mook Chivalry is not. In effect. Optimus Prime is legitimately stomping a mudhole in all three of them at once.
    • The best example of this? Optimus cuts off Grindor's spinning tail rotor weapon. It flies towards Megatron, who's lining up a shot with his fusion cannon. It hits his arm, knocking off his aim and causing the shot to go wild.

    Fugitive Period 
  • Lennox giving the Obstructive Bureaucrat his just deserts by faking an emergency and getting the latter pulled out of their cargo plane by parachute drag. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
    Lennox: I need you to pull the blue cord! Pull it really hard!
    Galloway yanks the cord and his parachute goes out the cargo door
    Lennox: Not now! We're on the plane, you dumbass!
    Galloway: Wha-
    Galloway is yanked out of the plane by his parachute

  • Jetfire's introduction is awesome on many levels- the music, the sweeping visuals throughout the museum, the reveal that he's a Decepticon, and his rather... stilted transformation, which is different from any other seen yet.

    Battle in the Desert 
    • First of all, his animation model was so large, so complex, it broke the computer used to render it. We're talking physical meltdown, not a simple BSOD.
    • When Steven Spielberg saw him for the first time, the man's words were reportedly, "That is F***ING awesome!"
    • His transformation is a jarring, even frightening, sequence of multiple machines slamming together to form a monstrous robot almost as big as the Great Pyramid.
      • And then he turns into a vortex grinder that sucks in half the desert and atomizes it!
    • Skids and Mudflap tag team the giant robot, after Mudflap gets sucked into his mouth.
      • It's worth mentioning that Mudflap escapes by punching his way out through Devastator's eye. And then beats him in the face with the remains of said eye.
        Mudflap: You ain't never shoulda eatin' me! I'm gonna bust, yo', FACE UP!!
    • Ex-Sector-Seven Agent Seymour Simmons climbs the side of the pyramid right alongside Devastator, just so he could direct the Navy in firing their prototype railgun. Said weapon blows its head clean off, with one shot.
    • Just to clarify: One of the most fearsome foes in the film gets brutally taken down by most of the Plucky Comic Relief characters, with an assist by the US Navy.

  • Bumblebee's fight with Rampage (the Constructicon with the tread-whips). From the Autobot's Dynamic Entry, to him grabbing Rampage's arms and kicking them off. It is a ridiculously awesome beat down.
    • Ravage tries to sneak attack Bee, but he grabs Cat-Con and peels him, then uses his spine to smack Rampage in the face!

  • Jetfire continues to be awesome.
    • He wore himself out using his space bridge to get everyone to Egypt, but he manages to recover in time for a Big Damn Heroes moment.
      1. He dives out of the sky mid-transformation and turns his cane into a battle axe, then slices Mixmaster in half!
      2. When the Constructicon isn't dead, Jetfire plants his axe in its neck and decapitates it.
      3. Then Scorponok does his own Dynamic Entry and tunnels into Jetfire's guts. Even injured like that, he manages to pull the Decepticon from inside him, and crushes its head.
        Jetfire: I'm getting' too old for this crap.
    • Jetfire sacrifices himself to give Optimus his flight upgrade and new weapons.

    Final Battle 
  • In a meta way, subverting Came Back Strong. Optimus rises from the dead (not as a zombie)... and is immediately knocked on his ass by the Fallen, who grabs the Matrix and teleports away.

  • The Awesome Ball (why is that not a trope?) gets back to Optimus once he fuses with Jetfire's parts. He has rocket engines grafted to his back. And guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns.
    • Jetpower Prime takes off for the first time to swelling music and a classic Pre-Asskicking One-Liner:
      Optimus: Let's roll.
    • He then flies through a storm of pyramid debris and blows up the Harvester with one shot before tackling the Fallen into the ruins.
    • The Fallen gets back up and goes berserk, clawing madly and shrieking at Prime.
      The Fallen: Die, like your brothers!
      Optimus: They were your brothers too!
    • Megatron tries to sneak up on Optimus- but Prime No Sells his attack and delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle so extreme that old Bucket Head is still feeling it in the next movie. The only thing he can do afterwards is call for help.
      Megatron: Ssterrh-srreem!
      • Note that his words are slurred like this because Optimus took Megatron's own gun and used it to blow up a third of his head.
    • The finishing sequence? Optimus pulls the Fallen's spear from his hands, stabs the Decepticon through the chest with it, then smashes him against a pillar, before breaking the spear in half and using them to rip the Fallen's face off, before finally punching him through the chest from behind, pushing out his spark, which he then crushes, before finally letting the corpse fall to the ground.
      Optimus: You picked the wrong planet!
      Optimus: Now give me your face!
      Takes it anyway
      Punches out his robot heart
      Optimus: I rise, you fall.

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