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  • "Go to hell, and take your friends with you!"
  • The entire movie is one big CMOA for Evelyn, culminating in the final scenes where she risks a second death to rescue her husband from the abyss, while her murderer, Anck-su-namun, abandons her 'love' and meets a just end.
  • Jonathan gets an understated one in the final approach to Ahm Shere, when he sheds his Cowardly Sidekick role and demonstrates some impressive marksmanship covering Rick and Ardeth.
    Evy: Jonathan? That's my husband and my son down there. Make me proud.
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  • Alex facing Imhotep, Anck-su-namun and Loc-Nah in different occasions and living as he is slowly developing from being a bratty kid to one of the bravest characters in the movie. The first occasion with Anck, he mildly snarks her when she asks him to behave. The second occasion he defiantly tells Imhotep that his dad is gonna kick his arse. Finally the third, he proceeds to make Loc-Nah's, a known killer's life a living hell, as he's ordered not to kill him until after they reach the Golden Pyramid.
  • Alex left his parents clues to Imhotep's journey, usually using a piece of his clothing to hide what he had done; sand sculptures of the next location the bracelet has pointed them too. Again, this bratty kid has some guile, and is pretty clever too. Without him, Rick and Evy would likely have no idea where to go.
  • The novelization has Rick, still burning from the death of his wife, respond to the curator's boast that Imhotep will soon take command over the army of Anubis with this badass line: "He'll have to do it from Hell, because that's where I'm sending him."
    • The line in the film is a deadly calm;
  • Jonathan successfully taking the giant diamond at the top of the pyramid. Normally this would result in Death by Materialism but he manages to make it.
  • Also, as a distraction for Alex, Jonathan picks a fight with Anck-su-namun. This looks set up to begin a pitiful Curb-Stomp Battle, but he actually manages to hold his own (and even helps Alex with the inscriptions while doing so) long enough for Evy to be resurrected. Cue a more balanced fight.
    • Hell, Jonathan flat-out decks her at some point, even managing to wipe that smug look off her face.
  • The Medjai Army, heavily decimated by their battle with the Army of Anubis, discover this was only a mere vanguard and untold numbers more are charging over the horizon. Their and Ardeth Bay's response despite having lost half their men and most of their horses that'd gave them some advantage against the nine-foot mythical warriors is to yell defiance and fight to the bitter end.
  • When Imhotep's men attack Rick, Evy and Alex in their house, one of them throws a dagger at Rick. Who promptly dodges it, catches it mid-flight and send it right back at his attacker (and missing him because said attacker dodged, but killing another goon who was standing right behind him), all this in one move. Jack Burton would be proud.
    • Notably, the mook who threw the dagger shows up repeatedly through the rest of the film, narrowly escaping death at Rick's hands each time, before finally going down to the pygmies because he listened to Jonathan. Not bad for a guy who didn't even get a name.


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